Monday, October 10, 2011

So Much Stuff and Feedback Welcome

October 2011 Bead Trends
First off, mom and I received our package from Bead Trends with our necklace and two magazines on Friday.  We have our "Pod O' Pink" necklace in this issue.

The polymer clay "Pod" is from BeeTree by m.e., ribbon from Jamn Glass and lampwork beads by us.  I am really happy with how this piece turned out.

This past Friday mom and I took off from work so we could prep for our show this past weekend.  I thought this was a great photograph of mom.

This is our set up with the garage door open because it was so nice.  Now if the weather could be this nice all year long I would be one happy person!
This was my work area.  I was re-stringing a necklace, which I need to re-string again, and then I crimp the necklaces and bracelets because mom doesn't do that.  The one necklace, blue beads, in the back is going to be re-strung because both mom and I don't like how it looks.  I am thinking mom should have used the blue freshwater pearls instead.

This is our table setup for the show on Saturday and Sunday.  This was Portage's first show, so it was small but had a nice range of artist there.  We were set up next to a stained glass artist and a photographer.  There were other jewelry artists there but each of them did something different that there wasn't an over abundance of jewelry.
Left side of the table

Right side of the table
Mom and I are going to give the show another try next year.  We sold enough to pay for the booth fee, gas and hotel room.  I do have to say it was nice to talk to the customers and give them an idea of what we do, so they came away with a better appreciation of the work that is involved.
This past weekend mom and I were talking about re-vamping the Etsy shop.  I am thinking of removing all the necklaces (possibly the bowls too) and just have our enameled pendants out there and start adding our lampwork beads.  We are also thinking of adding Viking Knit links for sale too. 

Please let me know what you all think.  I know there are so many awesome lampworkers out there, but some of you did leave wonderful comments on our beads and that you would like to see them for sale.  If you have thoughts/comments please leave feedback.  I would seriously love to have feedback from you all!

Now, I guess I should go to work!  You all have a wonderful Monday and an awesome week!


  1. Your table looks great!
    I think it is a good idea for your Etsy shop. I find that the few times I have put finished jewellery in my Etsy shop it just sits there, (even though I have been asked to list it) oh well! The best sellers for me are beads (components).

  2. Your mom is so attractive! I usually see her bundled up in ear muffs and gloves! :-) I think the idea for the etsy shop is a good one. In an economy like this, it can be easier to sell your pendants and components than finished work. Maybe save your jewelry for shows where people can appreciate them in person. Your pendants are so unique. Jewelry designers would go crazy for them. I personally love viking knit but am a klutz at making it!

  3. How awesome to finally see your mom!!!! And I love what you make -- it looks great with anything and everything.


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