Saturday, October 22, 2011

Studio Saturday

Autumn's Lovely Shades of Brown and Orange
Yesterday I participated in the STATTEAM treasury challenge Scavenger Hunt and I actually won.  Of course it helps that there were three of us participating and one of the participants was the curator of the challenge, but I am still excited that I won.  I am having a lot of fun creating treasuries and posting them.

This is mom working away on the inventory for our show in a couple of weeks.  She is having to re-tag everything with the vendor number the show provides us.  If you can't tell mom has fingerless gloves on.  It was a little chilly working out in the garage this morning.

This is the glass all laid out with the frit next to it ready to go, when we get oxygen on Monday.  I ran out after I finished making up some beads today.  I have been looking for oxygen concentrators on Ebay and Craigslist.  Mom and I really need a concentrator instead of buying oxygen all the time.

I finally got six sets of beads listed on Etsy today.  I need to make up more beads to go with the other sets because I found small smushed areas or blemishes on some of the beads and they had to go into the seconds bin.  Here are the sets I did list:

Autumn Leaves

Foggy Morning

Green Apple

Kuiper Belt
Pralines and Cream

Purple Passion

 I had to finish off with this photo of mom, Zola and Lily.  They are mom's cat blanket.  It is a good thing I got this shot because Zola had to get up and check me out.

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