Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Addition to the Family and Shop Update

This is the new addition to mom's family, Zola.  Yesterday mom and I went to the shelter (big mistake I know).  Mom likes to go to the shelter because it makes her feel better after playing with the kitties.  Well, this one caught both of our eyes!  You can't see it, but Zola has a red patch of hair on the top of her head that reminds both mom and me of my grandma Mert because grandma had red hair.

I have to say mom was really good and didn't get Zola yesterday, but I sure didn't help mom today.  I asked her if she wanted to go back to the shelter and see if she was still there and mom said yes.  If Zola was there then it was meant to be.

Zola was there and home she came with mom.  Needless to say mom is going to have to keep her separated from the other cats and slowly introduce her to them.  Sasha was having a hissy fit and Lily is not going to be happy being locked out of mom's room for the next few weeks.

But she is totally worth it - look at that face!!!  I so wanted one of her brothers but my brood would have gone totally insane if I brought another baby home.  Instead of one cat on Prozac I would have to put them all on it.  Oh well.  I get to play auntie to this one when I come over at night and on the weekends - so worth it!

Okay, shop update.  I finally opened up the shop and took out the bowls and necklaces.  Currently there are only pendants out there.  I am still working on the beads and the Viking Knit.

Here are the new pendants I posted on Etsy.

I also have three more sets of beads made up - though the raku/copper set still needs a few more beads made up before I can list them.

These are the beads I still need to make a few more to add to the set.

I am so in love with these beads.  I am calling them "Foggy Morning".  It is a transparent gray glass with an unknown frit on top.  It was one of the bottles of frit that I purchased from Sandi earlier this year.  I have found the manufacturer and I think I have found the frit, so I guess I am going to have to go shopping for me.

I am going to have to work on taking a better picture of these beads.  You can't tell the glass is a mint green and the frit on top of it is divine!

That is it for today.  I am exhausted and plus I want to go play with the kitty.  Have a great night and a great week!


  1. So much greatness I don't know what to look at first!!! The kitty , the enamels, the beads gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Loving those raku beads gorgeous!!! My husband was looking at dogs the other night - I almost died! He's not even an animal lover!!! I miss our dog so much I would faint if he got us another dog!!! Keep your fingers crossed! That kitteh is awesome!

  2. Such a cutie! Kittens are always soo cute, and it's no use kidding yourself you are going to "just look", lol!

  3. Oh what a cute little kitty and yes she has a very sweet face. Love the pendants and beads.

  4. Oh! I could just squeeze her, she is soooooooo cute and I love the name Zola!!! I'm drooling over the enamels and glass! GORGEOUS!!!

  5. what a sweet kitty.....and what beautiful pieces...always love peeking at your beads....

  6. Awww, what a sweet kitty! And beautiful, beautiful beads and pendants. I'm loving the foggy morning ones!

  7. Welcome to the family, Zola! She's a cutie.
    Looks like so many beautiful new pieces - you're on a wonderful creative streak! My favorite are the "Foggy Morning" beads!

  8. Being a red head myself and being part of a family of red heads, I am very partial to them so I can understand why Zola became part of your family....what a little cutie pie. Your beads are gorgeous as are the new enameled the leaves.


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