Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap of the Studio

Well, mom and I haven't done a weekend recap in a long time - sorry about that.  Though the first thing I had to do was straighten up the garage for me to even get to the torch, kiln or flex shaft.  Over the holidays mom and I just seemed to throw everything out in the garage to put away later (it was later).  Thank goodness Saturday was a gorgeous day (in the 50's) for me to straighten up some.

As you can see I had to put stuff away before I could even use the kilns.  I used those glass jars to put my lampworking glass in for storage (I am too lazy to turn around to the cabinet and pick out the glass I want to use - I want it out all in front of me).  So the jars are located, now, to the left of me with all the glass I use.

It isn't perfect but at least I can see the counter top and get to the flex shaft now.

I can also now get to my torch without setting anything on fire - which is a very good thing!

I worked on making beads to go with our ABS Challenge piece.  You will see the beads shortly, if you stick it out with me :)

These are pendants and a bowl that need to be cut out with our big cutter - the copper sheet is a 12x12 sheet and mom trying to cut that out by hand would have been a nightmare.  Love our larger cutter!

Mom cutting out the pieces - watch your fingers mom!

These are pieces I was drilling pilot holes for mom - she would cut out the pieces and I would drill the pilot holes.  The pilot holes are there so mom can thread her saw blades through. 

Once I got those pieces drilled for mom she was able to saw out the pendants for the ABS Challenge (which I will enamel next weekend), a custom order piece and a bowl.  That was Saturday's re-cap.

Me in the studio Sunday - it was a little cold
Before mom and I could play in the studio on Sunday we had errands to get done: eat breakfast, go grocery shopping, sign paperwork and fax paperwork back to the bank.

Me making a bead - I could see my breath out there
I was making more beads for the ABS Challenge.  I made four test beads that I really like how they looked so ended up making more and then made a whole other test set that I can't wait to see tomorrow.

Here are the beads I made yesterday: the test beads (brown with green/blue frit, peacock beads, and Kuiper Belt beads).

Sorry about the poor quality images I was taking the pictures out in the garage and the lighting is a florescent light.  But it gives you an idea of what I did on Saturday.  Sunday I made up another set of the test beads and then I tried the base light blue bead with the frit from the brown base bead.
I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow.  I also made up two test beads with the dark blue base and the peacock frit on top.  Exciting, exciting, exciting!

The large flower piece is going to be a bib necklace and I need to drill pilot holes for that.  And the smaller pendants are part of the ABS Challenge necklace and I need to drill the holes larger and they need to be filed and sanded.  I can't wait for next weekend to enamel these and see how they turn out!

While I was out in the garage mom was in the kitchen file and sanding the pieces she finished sawing out on Saturday.  When I was taking this picture she was working on a koi pendant.

Mom finished filing and sanding the main focal pendant for the ABS Challenge piece and the custom order piece. She was working on the bowl, but her back gave out on her so she is done for the day.

I finished Sunday out with a bang by cooking dinner for both of us.  I am trying to cook dinner almost every night for us both because we are trying to eat healthy.  We are also eating in to save our budget!  I ended up making sloppy joes (we call it bbq) and sweet potatoes nuked in the microwave.  There is enough left over for lunches too - yeah me :)

So, that is the recap of the weekend!  It feels good to be working on the torch again.  I can't wait to share finished pieces with you all later!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Whew I am tired just reading this!!!

  2. What a productive weekend! You rock!

  3. Whoa! You two are really productive! I am exhausted just thinking about all of this. Is that a heron that I spy? ;-) I can't wait to see what you girls cook up for the ABS challenge as well. I love, love, love the glass beads! Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. Kristen stole my comment!! i am exhausted! I work in my gets frigid down there too..hard to work sometimes when the hands are freezing! Can't wait to see your completed piece for the ABS Challenge!

  5. What a productive weekend! The beads with the frit are so pretty. Looks like the carousel horse got cut out. Be sure to show us the final piece. Your mom has some mad sawing skills!


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