Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Recap - Enameling

On Saturday morning mom and I tried this French Toast Souffle for breakfast (you can find it here on my board).  Mom and I are trying to eat more at home, plus to be more healthy, and to save on the budget.  It was an interesting experiment but I don't think mom and I will eat this again.  For mom it sunk in her stomach (some foods do that to her) and for me the recipe was missing something (cinnamon maybe).  I don't know and I am not good at improvising when it comes to cooking.  I do recommend giving it a whirl though - just because we didn't care for it you might love it!

Today mom made lasagna for us - now this was awesome - my grandma's recipe so of course it was good!  We have enough left over for both of us to have lunches this week.  We are trying to make lunches and dinners on the weekends so that we have leftovers for lunch during the week - again trying to save on the budget and not go out to eat.

Sorry about the poor quality images - under the florescent light in the garage.  These pendants are done but I still need to clean up the backside (divets from the pendants sitting on the trivets because we enamel both sides.  To clean them up I use the diamond files and then I put them in the torch to remove the scratches from the diamond files).  We have a koi pendant, bamboo pendant, pendants for the ABS challenge piece and a heron (special order piece).

These pieces are just out of the kiln - a carousel horse plate and the other pendants for the ABS Challenge.

While I was enameling today this is what mom sawed out - a flower/leaf bib necklace.  This is actual really large and I am so looking forward to this being enameled and put together.  The bib is the focal - I told mom maybe two beads where the bib will connect to ribbon.  That is it - bib, two beads and ribbon.  Mom and I are going back and forth on colors - so that is still in the air.  So excited!!!

Tomorrow I hope we can assemble the ABS Challenge piece and I can share.  I will also share the other set of beads I made up last week - I did finally clean them and I am in LOVE!!!

Now - I am off because I am heading home to jump into the shower to warm up my feet.  It was blasted cold out in the garage but it was well worth it because I love what was done this weekend!


  1. The enamel work is as beautiful as always. And that centerpiece for the necklace is going to be stunning! LOVE my mom's lasagna.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that my sister surprised me for Christmas with one of your enameled heart pendants in reds and yellows. Love it! Thanks for the beautiful work.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished flower bib piece. It looks fantastic!


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