Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grasshopper, Butterfly, Flowers Oh My

This week I walked over to the hort park during lunch to take some more pics of the flowers - before they are all gone.  It was a gorgeous day and I had a lot of fun walking around taking pictures.

This little guy appeared while I was taking pictures of a butterfly and flowers.

This was the butterfly I was trying to get a good picture of - it looks like he/she was having a rough summer.

I love these flowers - if you haven't been able to tell that over the summer.  I just love the way they photograph and I love the color of the petals!  I have one I took with a lady bug on it and that I think is my all time favorite picture!!!!

Mom and I aren't usually into oranges but I just love the colors of these flowers!  They just look so bright and festive and puts you in a good mood.

I have linked up to I Heart Macro on Studio Waterstone.  Come on over if you would like to join in the fun!

Today is back into the studio to saw, saw, saw.  Mom is almost done with that mask and I am still drilling out pilot holes on the sugar skull.  I will make some more beads before I tackle that sawing project.


  1. Beautiful! I love all the colors and the critters.

  2. Beautiful shots! I'm not an orange person either, but I do love the orange of marigolds.

  3. I managed to get a very cool grasshopper image a couple of weeks back but not a single butterfly this summer. They just would not co-operate with me!



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