Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hooters Challenge - Artisan Whimsy Site

I am entering in the Hooters Challenge on a cool new site Artisan Whimsy.  I am slowly making my way through the site; reading, uploading images, looking at other pages, etc.

I thought this month's challenge was really fun - owls.  The challenge allows you to either create a component or piece of jewelry that includes the owl.  I thought I would enter mom and myself in the component category - the owl pendant.

Owl Pendant = Owl in Flight

Definition of an owlnight-hunting bird with hooting call: a predatory, usually nocturnal bird with a large head, large front-facing eyes, curved and feathered talons, a small hooked beak, and a distinctive hooting call. The owl is traditionally described as wise, perhaps because of its human-looking face and fixed gaze, as if it were considering something carefully.

Mom and I first made an owl pendant for the Bead Soup Blog Party back in August of 2011.  We used the pendant in one of our necklaces and we both loved how it turned out.  So, we thought we would make a pendant to sell.

How we made the pendant - we use 20 gauge copper, mom puts a pattern on the copper and then uses a jeweler saw to hand saw out each design.  Once the pendant is sawed out we file and sand the piece and then I enamel it.  I love playing with the enamels and seeing what color combinations I can come up with.  I love, love, love how this pendant turned out.  Mom and I call this piece Owl in Flight.

If you like our component, or any of the other pieces, you can vote here.   Voting begins Oct. 28th at Midnight until Oct. 30th Midnight.  You do have to be a member of the site to join, but it is free.

Thanks and happy voting!


  1. I love the subtlety of this pendant - it's one of my favorites of your series.

  2. I LOVE this...I am not an owl fan very much but yours just caught my eye...I voted for you! Good luck, Aimee from Aimee's Jewelry Treasures.


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