Monday, October 8, 2012

Recap of Harvest Festival Show

The bowl and plate side of the table

This past weekend was a two day show in Portage, Indiana.  It is about an hour and half (depending on how fast I drive) from Lafayette.  This is the second year for the show and the volunteers were great and they had a nice spread for the artists to eat from.  Plus it is indoors and that always makes me happy.

Necklace side of the table
Unfortunately the turn out was not that good; even with the wine tasting event going on across from us.  Mom and I really enjoy the show and it is fun to talk to the customers and the other vendors but we only sold enough to make our booth fee and the jury entry fee.  We didn't make enough to pay for the hotel, gas and food.

Carmel Apple
Though mom and I had the caramel apple to look forward to eating when we got back to our hotel room.  The woman who makes these apples also makes candies and OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE GOOD!!!!  What is fun for me and mom is that we sit on the hotel bed and pass the apple back and forth until it is finished :)

Gorgeous fall tree
What was also cool this year was to have a repeat customer - one of the people from the wineries.  She bought a piece from us last year and stopped by our booth and bought a few more pieces again.  She had a wonderful story to tell us about her piece and her sister.  She said it had to be Thanksgiving and she was wearing our necklace when she was telling her sister about buying it and meeting us at the Portage show.  Her sister said she was absolutely jealous because she actually knew who we were.  Now just so you know her sister lives in Virgina and makes her own jewelry and the way she knew is is from one of the jewelry magazines we were published in.  OMG were mom and I blown away with that - how cool is that :)

Another gorgeous fall tree
Mom and I also had a wonderful time talking to one of the other artists whose booth was right next to us.  Now she was an awesome sells person and it was cool listening to her and seeing how she interacted with her customers.  Both mom and I wished we were as comfortable as she was.  Mom and I both love talking to the customers but it is not a natural thing for us; we both don't consider ourselves people persons.  Like I said I love talking with the customers and telling them what we do and how we do it but sometimes it is just hard to get going.

Last shot of trees
Mom and I didn't get home until after 8pm last night.  I dropped mom off at her house and got home where I cleaned up some of the messes the fur babies made, put the dirty laundry in a pile to work on this week, put away the bath stuff, changed clothes and climbed into bed and crashed with my feet up. 

Mom and I have a five week breather before our last show of the season (a three day show).  We now have to get into production mode to make sure we have enough inventory for the show and to re-stock the Etsy store.  And M.E. we are working on making cuff bracelets to post to the Etsy store :)  We will saw them out this week and get them enameled this weekend!!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!


  1. Your designs are so amazing. I clicked on the photos and savored every one! Love the image of you two passing the candy apple between you! Glad you have a bit of a rest until the next big event.

  2. Sorry the turnout was not what you expected, but your setup is awesome! Perfect showcase for your wonderful art pieces! And the images of the Fall color are amazing! My only problem with this post is that I do not have a caramel apple...sigh....


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