Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Are Alive - Barely

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Just so you know :)

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This has been me for over three weeks.  I still have a presistent cough but no more congestion and runny nose.  I think today is the first day in a long, long, long time I didn't feel like going home and curling up on the couch and passing out.  Every night I would go home, change into PJ's, throw a DVD in and fall asleep until about 7:00pm and then move from the couch to the bed and sleep until the alarm goes off at 5:30am.  I was only able to take one day off from work to try and rest and get better; just too much going on.

I was able to work on the torch today.  I have a commission for a set of beads and I am trying to get a certain color combination for the customer, so tonight was making experiment beads.  Tomorrow I will take photos and send them to the customer and see which set she likes and go from there.  I have missed working out in the studio.  I mean nothing has gotten done in almost a month.

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Another reason nothing has been getting done.  The Saturday after I got sick I received a phone call from mom.  "Beth, are you at my house", "No, I'm sleeping on the couch", "Okay, don't worry I was in an accident, call you later."  My conversation with mom. 

Mom was leaving our favorite restaurant, she was backing up and because she is in the Mustang, she backs up a little bit, stops, and looks behind her and both sides before she backs up all the way because she is so low to the ground.  Well, I guess a kid was backing up behind her, he wasn't looking and backed all the way across the road and into her back bumper.  Mom will say that they are both at fault, but the kid wasn't even looking behind him when he was backing up.  Needless to say the "wreck" has made mom's neck pain come back with a vengenance.  Mom has been in a lot of pain and trying to get into to see the doctor's is a three ring circus.  I am glad we have insurance (I have lived without insurance for three years and that was no fun), but insurance is a racket!

So, now that you know the long story of where we have been for almost a month we shall see if anything more gets done.  Like I said today is the first day I have felt human and mom goes through spells where she feels alright but then comes home and crashes on the couch.  I have my fingers crossed some things will get done this weekend but not a whole lot.

I am sorry I have not been out blogging, Facebooking or Etsying, just so tired.  Though I have been lurking and I have done some Pinning, but not much.  Cross your fingers we will start to be better next week.


  1. So sorry to hear you have both been under the weather for so long...hope it is now starting to turn for the better!! Blogs are the last thing you should worry about when sick...just concentrate on healing! Rest!! Hugs to you both.

  2. feel better stat. this has gone on too long. I'm hoping to get back on the torch next week. if I don't catch the girl child's strep throat.

  3. I have been following. I hope you both are getting back on your feet. Sending good thoughts to both of you!


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