Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday and Giveaway Reminder

It is a Bead Table Wednesday the first in a long time and the first in the New Year.  If you would like to see what is on everyone's table head on over to the BTW Flickr site.

Here is what is out on our table in the garage.

Mom is working on making more Tree of Life pendants to be posted out on our Etsy site.

This is the completed pendant that I need to take photos of and get posted.  Mom used silver and gunmetal Parawire and red beads (not sure if they are pearls or not - gotta ask mom).

This is the one mom is working on.  It is silver colored copper wire with pearls and heart shaped beads.

Mom has this laid out waiting to be completed.  Purple heart beads and pearls.

This past weekend I enameled these two large bees.  After the last firing and cooling I went to take them off the trivets and the antenna's cracked.  I told mom if I can't get them fixed, by torching them, we AREN'T DOING Antenna's AGAIN!!!

This is a close up of the cracked antenna.  I did work on torching them tonight.  I wasn't able to salvage this bee but I was able to fix the other one.  I just need to take photos of it and post it out on Etsy.

This is what is on my torching table.  I had a request from a customer if I could make a certain color bead and I have been playing with glass and frit.  We have figured out what glass and frit to use and now I just need to make up the beads.  I had a lot of fun trying new glass with different frit.  I did actually write down the glass color and frit combo so I can make those beads again in the future.

Just a reminder that mom and I are having a gift certificate giveaway for NOVICA.  To learn more about it and to leave a comment to have a chance to win head over here. 

I hope you have a wonderful Bead Table Wednesday!

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