Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gift Certificate Winners

Today was the drawing for the NOVICA gift certificate winners.  As you see from the image above I typed the names up and then printed them off.

Names are cut out.

Names are folded up and placed in a bowl.

Zola patiently waiting to pick out the names.  Of course our helper ran away so we had to bring in a ringer.

Lily looking at me asking what I am suppose to do now.

Lily starting to pick the names.  But wait...she came back.

Zola wanted to get into the fun and pushed Lily away.

Lily pawing out a name.

One name is pawed out and the other is in Zola's mouth.

Both Lily and Zola checking out the first name - Carol D.

Second name, once I got it out of Zola's mouth - Skye.

Winners of the two gift certificates from NOVICA.  If you both could send us your email addresses we will send you the information to claim your gift certificates.

Thank you everyone for playing!!!!


  1. ROTFL!! That was a exciting and so much fun. Congrats to the winners!

  2. whoohoo :) Awesome, ty :)

    And I feel specially honored that Zola chose me.. then didn't particularly want to give me up ;) lol

  3. Congratulations to Carol and Skye, I hope you find something really nice, which I don't think it will be hard, the hard part is deciding which one you want.

  4. The process of choosing the names was so funny. And then surprise - my name was chosen. Thank you Lilly and Zola! And Evie and Beth, too! It was so nice of you to share the gift certificates, instead of keeping them. You are too generous.

  5. Wow... I spent hours the first night pouring over the selections. I found tons of gorgeous stuff but not much in my style that I could afford even with the gift certificate :( I had it narrowed down a couple archeological wall plaques that were definitely my style, and a set of little vases... then started jumping around looking at possible gift ideas.. and under the mens jewelry I instantly fell in love with a ring. I checked out how much it would be with duty, taxes and shipping, then how much it would be total after the gift certificate, then slept on it. I REALLY wanted it, but since it was only available in mens, I'd have to have it resized once I got it... this morning I went back to the site and checked out my favorites again, but the ring won. I just couldn't get it out of my head. I decided that I wanted it, even if all I did was wear it on a cord around my neck :) thank you again for this giveaway that's allowed me to buy a gorgeous ring that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford! ( if you want to know what one it was, it's one of the skull rings and it's called 'Dengerous Smile' :))


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