Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bead and Enameling Weekend

First off, this is what happens when a hot piece of glass meets an article of clothing.  I think this happened on Friday when I was making beads for the ABS Challenge piece.  You can sort of see the shard of glass I was not able to pick out of my jacket.  I didn't notice this until yesterday, so I was pretty lucky.

I took Friday off to make up beads for the challenge.  I also sent pictures of the test beads I made Thursday night to our customer who asked us to make some custome beads based off a photograph she sent us.  I tried to match the colors as best as I could, but just need to wait to hear from her and find out which set she liked the best.

Here are the test beads:

Like that little bit of cat hair that is accenting the right bead :)

Yesterday was a pretty busy day also.  I worked on making beads for the "Beehive" necklace, went to lunch with my best friends family for her second youngest sister's surprise birthday party lunch, came home and and enameled the oval circles to go with the Warrior Woman necklace and enameled the pendant for the February ABS Challenge piece.

Here are the beads for the "Beehive" necklace:

The yellow and black beads are what I am using.  The top beads was an experimentation bead - so just pretend it isn't there ;)

Here are the beehive pieces to go with the beads.

Here are the beads I made for the February ABS Challenge.

And finally, here is the pendant I enameled for the February ABS Challenge.

It is a peacock pendant.  Mom did an awesome job sawing it out and I am really happy with the colors that were used for enameling.  Now, just need to assemble the necklace.  This may have to wait because once I am done with this post I am going back home to lay down.  I still have the cough and I have a really bad headache.  Though I am getting better I think I pushed it Friday and Saturday with doing too much.  Oh, I also want to tell everyone "THANK YOU" for your wonderful comments as mom and I try to recover from this month!

One last thing, I wanted to share two more images.  Mom and I are donating two necklaces to the Purdue Cancer Center's silent auction they will have in March. 

These are the two necklaces in the stages of being assembled.

Mom made the Viking Knit in light pink to match the pearls.  She is going to be weaving the same pearls through the Viking Knit and once that is done I will finish assembling the necklace.

For this necklace I enameled ovals in purple and pink to add.  Once the necklace is assembled I want to add ribbon to weave through the ovals and the beads.  We have to wait and see how it looks, so the design might change again.

That is it.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.  I am off to take more meds and lay down on the couch and try and get rid of this headache.  Cross your fingers this week will be better for us!

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