Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunny Day on Campus

PAO - Visual Performing Arts Building
It was a glorious and sunny day in Indiana, so I asked my friend if she wanted to walk with me around campus so I could take more photographs during lunch and she said yes (poor Lisa didn't know what she was in for).  The first picture is of the PAO building where I spent a good six years in learning how to do metalsmithing, ceramics, textiles and drawing (blah to drawing).  I like how the trees are framing the name on the front of the building and when mom says she likes a picture then I know I will use it on the blog :)

Just across the street from PAO is a small garden area that in the summer time is just blooming with all different flowers.  Right now the only things blooming are the daffodils and tulips.  I don't know the name of the flower but I liked how it was just opening up.  I have several other pictures of the tulips.

Close up of the inside of a tulip
Even though the picture is fuzzy, mom and I liked how you could
see the petals through the other petals of the flower
I am calling this one "Cast of Two Lips"
While I was taking photographs my friend Lisa was watching this daring squirrel jump from tree limb to tree limb behind me.  He then took a break to snack a little on one tree branch.

This is a close up of the blooms on the magnolia tree Mr. Squirrel was resting on.

As we were walking away from the small garden area we came across this trellis laying against one of the buildings.  I really like the flowers that were climbing the trellis but I don't know the name of them and we couldn't find a sign with the name of the flower.  Usually the small garden area is really good about having signs next to the flowers that are blooming.
When we walk on campus we usually do this big square to get a good walk in, about half an hour.  My friend was being very patient with me as I was stopping to take photographs.  I was having a lot of trouble because it was pretty windy out today and flowers were flying all over the place.  I really like this next image because I was close to the ground when I took it.

The minute mom saw this, because of course I had to show mom the pictures when I went to her house tonight, she said "Oh, I like that" and started singing "The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah..."  It was great, I have not heard that song in YEARS.  Of course now I have it running through my mind, that is okay because I am sure you are signing it now too :)

The above two images of are the blooming trees over by our Union.  A lot of students will sit on the grass under the trees to study, sleep, or just meet with each other.  I like taking pictures of the students walking in this area because it can be a nice slice of campus life.

The last two images I am going to share are of mom's tree in front of her house.  As you know, last year mom's tree was damaged in a wind storm we had come through our area.  Mom said if the tree lived through the winter she was not going to have it removed.  Well, "Peary Como" survived and here are the yearly photos of the tree.

Poor tree.  Really the tree does look nice from the street side just not the backside. 

One more thing, I have to share all of the awesomeness I received in the mail yesterday.  My birthday presents arrived from Juls.  For my birthday my aunt had purchased a gift certificate from Juls and I redeemed it by purchasing a half day of skillz from Juls.  Oh, the decliousness that she sent is downright drool worthy.  Juls also tucked in two birds for me and mom for our birthdays - a momma bird and a baby bird :) Isn't Juls just the bomb diggity!!!!!

Yes, bow down to that awesomness we received from the Queen Bee herself - Juls!
I will take better pictures tomorrow, but I had to share because I am all about sharing people.  Have a great evening and "Peace Out!"


  1. Happy Birthday! I love your pics - the campus looks absolutley beautiful, as is the tree in your mom's yard! :) I do love spring.

    Juls - her beads are amazing. I treated myself on my birthday too, to her mad skilz! Now, if I could only part with them.......

  2. Beautiful photos...beautiful gifts you picked...and yes, now that song is stuck in my head, too!


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