Saturday, April 9, 2011

Studio Saturday and a Glorious Sunny Saturday Too!

My First Looped Bead
This morning was pretty dreary and there were even some thunder.  I got over to mom's around 8am to start working on various projects.  One of the things I wanted to work on this weekend was to learn how to make loops to connect beads.  Mom usually does it but since she has been under the weather lately I thought it would be time to learn how to make these things.  Of course I told mom I will not work in Sterling Silver since it cost so much, only copper or colored wire for me baby. 

This is mom demonstrating how to do the loops.  Mom makes it look so easy.  I look like I have two left hands when I make my loops, but I am starting to get the hang of it.

That is some of my scrap copper.  I would make loops on both ends of the bead and then cut the loops off and start over again.  The next step is to learn how to make the loops and connect another bead section to the loops, that should be fun, not.

While I was practicing my loops, mom connected a bunch of our lampwork beads to form a chain that connected to flower beads from BeeTree by m.e.  I highly recommend heading to her blog today because she has posted a picture of what she has created for the ABS April Challenge - the necklace is stunning!
After I got done making loops I started working on pendants that needed to be filed and sanded so they can be enameled tomorrow.  I was able to finish up three pendants before mom asked me if I wanted to go and get something to eat for lunch.
While we were at lunch the sun came out and the day just turned into a glorious sunny day!  When we got back from lunch mom wasn't feeling well so she laid down for a nap.  Her neck and arm are still really bothering her so she tires easily.  While she was taking a nap I decided I wanted to work on the torch because it was so nice out.  I made beads for the ABS Challenge and I also made yellow beads with frit.

This is the firt I have playing with lately.  It is called Japanese Maple and it is from Glass Diversions.  This is some of the new frit I bought a few months ago and I LOVE IT!!!!  This is the yellow bead I made today, I think I got 20 made so we will see how they turned out tomorrow.

It was so nice working out in the garage with the door opened, sun shining in, and music blaring.  What a wonderful afternoon I had.  I just wish mom felt better to be out there with me.  I really hope the physical therapy and Cortisone shots work on her.  Mom is giving it until June to see how the therapy and shots do before she makes the decision on surgery.  At least the surgery is out-patient and won't be to bad on her, but that just means she will have more plates and screws in her body.  I am surprised she hasn't set off any metal detectors yet when she is in airports :)

It is suppose to get up to 83 degrees tomorrow.  I hope it is as sunny as it was today because the garage door is going up while I work on enameling bowls and pendants.  I have such a smile on my face right now - bring on Spring!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend you all!


  1. It's good to hear you sounding so up-beat...nice weather really helps. We had a beautiful day here also. Hope your mother feels better soon. I love the glass colors you have out on your bench, can't wait to see the finished beads.

  2. Hi ladies, So glad you are having a great day and wish your mom the best. It was really cool to see you forming the beads in a picture. How many arms do you have? LOL I loved Margie's ABS entry too! Got to get to work on that. I have several deadlines to meet this week and I am procrastinating. Visiting my inspirational friends.

  3. Sandi the weather has been such an attitude adjustment for me - I feel much better! I am glad you had gorgeous weather too. Oh, we cleaned the beads and I put them with the components mom plans on using for a necklace not even thinking about taking pictures. Oh well, I will have photos when we finish assembling the necklace ;) Have a great Sunday!


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