Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BTW - Just a Quick Look

It is another BTW (Bead Table Wednesday) hosted by the most awesome Heather of Humblebeads.

Currently mom and I have several projects going at once - assembling necklaces, pieces needing to be enameled, pieces to be sawed out and beads to be made.  Right now mom is at physical therapy and I am heading home to finish up laundry and possibly vacuum the house, don't know about that yet.  I thought I would share what we have in the works.  I also wanted to show you the goodies that came in the mail today too.

So, on with the show:

These are two necklaces that mom assembled - pendants are from BeeTree by m.e., and the yellow flower necklace has our lampwork glass beads.  I just need to attach the clasps and these two are done.

This is a necklace that mom has started to assembly.  I told mom how I wanted to look so she is trying to assembly the necklace with the idea I gave her.  I sure we will be tweaking it here and there, but this is just the beginning stage.

These are three pendants that need to be sawed out.  The first pendant is a dove, the second is an owl, and the last pendant is a Scottish Thistle.

I had to share the goodies that came in the mail today.  Mom and I ordered more pendants from BeeTree by m.e. and chain from MyElements on Etsy.

Pendants from BeeTree by m.e.

These are the goodies from MyElements:

Okay, I am off to my house and do some cleaning.  I hope you head on over and check out all the other wonderful things people have going on their tables!

Have a great day and I hope you aren't like us where it is a wet and soggy day.


  1. Ooohhh - lots of goodies! I love the tubing and O's that "My Elements" sells.

  2. Oh those necklaces are stunning!! I love the flowers and so can't wait to see what you do with all your goodies.

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous! I can't wait to see how everything turns out :)


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