Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Tree After the Storm

We just had the mother of all storms rip through our area on Monday, it was cool but kinda of scary at the same time. 

On Monday I had to take one of my cats, Chai, to the vet and the appointment lasted a whole lot longer than I anticipated so I ended up taking the rest of the day as a vacation day.  I took my kitty back home and then headed over to moms to watch shows she recorded on the DVR for me.  Mom happened to be home with a migraine because of the storms that were moving in.

Chai looking innocent

While I was watching shows I heard the thunder and saw the lightning and then I heard the tornado sirens.  I didn't think anything of it, just kept watching my shows.  Yes, I know stupid, but it didn't look to bad outside.  Then all heck broke lose.

The wind picked up big time.  It looked wind you would see in a typhoon, not in Indiana.  Then the rain just fell in waves.  At one point I looked out mom's back door and saw the trees bent over almost sideways.  Then I heard the sirens go off again and I got mom out of bed and into a bathroom.  We sat there for a little bit and then went to look out the windows and that is when the hail started.  At least we got the small pea sized hail and not the golf ball sized that same places received.

It was around 6:00 when everything stopped and we headed outside to see what happened.  First thing I saw was the big tree limbs on the ground that nearly missed my car by inches.  Mom's Bradford Pear was gorgeous before the storm and now we will be lucky if we can keep it alive.  At least the limbs didn't go into mom's bedroom window and missed my car.

Mom's Tree in April 2010

Mom's Tree after Storm

Front view of tree

There is a house, on the back roads I take to get home, that I absolutely love.  They have these beautiful mature trees in their yard that are now on the ground.  They had two huge trees fall where nothing was and one tree fall on their fence, where the livestock usually eats.  It doesn't look like any animals were hurt and the house and barn are in one piece.  I am seriously going to miss those trees.

I think all the storms have passed through and it doesn't look like anyone was seriously hurt, just property damage and about 5000 acres of crops are destroyed.  Some of the crops maybe able to be replanted but not the corn.

Sometimes I wish I could be a storm chaser because that storm was awesome.  Yes, I know I am a little warped sometimes!  Maybe in my next life.


  1. Glad you are both okay. My daughter married and moved to Iowa and every time I hear about tornadoes I think of her. I love a good storm but tornadoes are a bit over the top for me. We survived one in NH while on vacation and the destruction was unbelievable. My husbands newly painted work van was totalled by a tree, my mom's car windshield smashed and we couldn't even swim in the lake after due to all the tangled branches ect in the water. I spent the rest of the vacation answering calls for the owner from the insurance company. Would have made a great Chevy Chase Vacation movie though!!

  2. What a gorgeous tree~ I hope it survives. I'm glad you 2 are ok...nature seems intent on wreaking havoc this year.

  3. Glad you guys are safe and sound! I think the pear tree will make it.


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