Sunday, April 3, 2011

Works in Progress and Shopping

Who me?  I's not no troublemaker.
I had to share this picture of Lily today.  Mom and I went grocery shopping and as mom was putting her groceries away Lily jumped on mom's back and then into the freezer.  If you haven't guessed Lily is mom's troublemaker, but we can live with it because she is such a mushmellow when you hold her.

Necklaces to assemble
The necklaces are sitting on mom's washer and dryer waiting to be assembled.  Mom wanted some accent beads to go in the necklaces so we went shopping today at our favorite bead store - Von's.

This is the pile of goodies we bought today.  Mom and I go to Von's about every other month and we are only allowed to purchase one type of bead (a few months ago it was only pearls, the last time we went to Von's it was gemstones, I think Jasper).  We were only suppose to purchase Czech beads, but I found some agate that was awesome and mom said we could buy a few strands - yeah mom.

So, here are the beading goodness we purchased:

Fire Polished Black Diamond

Blue Lace Agate
Chinese Crystal - Amethyst

Czech Glass - Starman

Czech Glass - Green
Fire Agate
Fire Polish - Citrine

Fire Polish Jonquil

Fire Polish - Lt. Sapphire
Hand Cut Chinese Crystal - Pink bi-cone

India Glass

Multi-color Fire Agate
Czech glass - Orange

Mom has worked on some sawing - when I let her or the pain isn't too bad.

I think this week I will work on filing and sanding these pieces so I can work on enameling them next weekend.  We have a month before our first show of the season, so I need to get cracking on making pieces so we have enough inventory.  We do have four smaller bowls sawed out and we have three sheets of copper left that we will use to make, at least, 12 more small bowls.  Mom and I ordered more sheets of copper yesterday and more ribbon from Jamn Glass.  So, this weekend was an expensive weekend for us.
Mom is still in pain, even with the pain meds and neck brace she has been wearing.  I am sorry mom, but you looked like death warmed over.  Mom was able to see a doctor about the pain and they took x-rays, because the stupid freaking insurance company (yes, that is you Cigna) is still waiting to approve the MRI mom really needs.  The x-ray showed that there is compression on two of the bones in mom's cervical spinal cord and two other bones are not so bad, but we are hoping the MRI (which mom's doctor is going to get mom into next week) will show more.  Mom is suppose to start the Cortisone shots next week and physical therapy.  We have our fingers crossed that this will help mom.  If it doesn't the next step is surgery.  Mom would have to be in the hospital for seven days afterwards, then five weeks of doing nothing and up to a year to recover.  Both of us don't want that, I know for sure mom doesn't, but if the pain doesn't stop soon, surgery it will be.

This week I do plan on making more beads because we had oxygen delivered, work on the filing and sanding of the pieces mom sawed out, and work on sawing out more bowls.  That is my plan - you guys want to take bets on how much I get done :)

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend you all!!!!


  1. Love all the goodies - especially the fire agates.

  2. What a fun shopping day - the beads are gorgeous & I can't wait to see the finished results! I hope your Mom feels better soon!

    :) Molly

  3. omg poor mom i hope she get's that mri asap i can feel for her for sure as i broke my neck 8 yrs ago c7 it was misdiagnosed as a stable fracure when it was unstable it wasn't until 3 wks after the fracture i went for a second opinon in London Ont. when they realized i was a mm away from being paralized they did emerg surgury with plates and screws and fixed me up i still have very chronic pain daily i really can feel for your mom and hope she gets the care she needs very soon ttfn L:)

  4. Oh those beads are dreamy! Can't wait to see them in your finished creations! Hope your Mom gets some relief from her pain soon.

  5. Oh let Evie know that I have her in my thoughts! I love the czech glass! Those new pendants are awesome!


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