Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Glorious Sunny Day in the Studio

Enameling Set Up
Mom and I had a wonderful day out in the garage.  It is so nice to be able to work out there and not freeze our behinds off!  The only downside to the day was the wind, but otherwise it was freaking awesome - sun, warmth, and enameling, what better day :)

This is me heating up the copper for mom to pound the flat sheet into a bowl shape.

This is mom pounding the bowls.  She is using her right hand so that is why she is allowed to pound the bowls.  It is a good thing mom did this before we went to go eat because she wrenched her shoulder while trying to get money out of the ATM - again, she looks like death warmed over.  Though working in the garage improved her outlook.

This is what happens when you are getting tired at the end of the day - two of the smaller pendants fell off the trivets.  I will have to fix these pendants next week along with two of the bowls I enameled today.  Explanation further down.

February Birth Month Flower
Mom and I are working on a series of pendants for birth month flowers.  We have done smaller pendants in the past, but I wanted to create larger pendants.

March Birth Month Flower
September Birth Month Flower
I also worked on enameling the four bowls mom pounded into shape.  Two of the bowls are fine but the other two need to be worked on next weekend.

Here are the two that need to be worked on next weekend.  The heart bowl just needs to have some more enamel added to the backside - for some reason the white wasn't happy today.  The abstract clam shaped bowl I dropped when I took it off the trivet - like I said, end of the day and tired.

Mom finished the flower necklace today.  I need to take better pictures but that is going to have to wait.  But here is a sneak preview of the necklace and two more necklaces mom worked on but aren't done yet.

The last two necklaces just need to have the ribbon added to the beads.  I can't wait till that is done and I can take photographs and share.

I guess that is it for this weekend.  I am so tired but I feel good because I think mom and I accomplished a lot in the last two days.  Lets keep the momentum going.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.


  1. wow, cool stuff. You and your mom are a great team!

  2. You gals really put out the work. It's so great you two work so well together.

  3. What a great post! Don't you love it when nature sends you the gift of a good day?!!! My heart started pounding in my chest when I saw the necklaces! They are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Oh they are all perfect to me! Ok I do think a further review should be done on what Mom is allowed to do and not and lets just say the ATM is now one of those restrictions! I am glad you had great weather too it was awesome here.


  5. You two are sure on a roll! Beautiful pieces!


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