Thursday, January 7, 2010

Too Cold For the Garage

On Saturday, 2 Jan, mom and I wanted to work on cutting out bowls, pendants, and the gift I want to give to a friend. We went out to the garage and it was 21 degrees. We both looked at each other and said, "On to the Metals Studio". I for one love my craft but I was not going to freeze to do it!

Mom and I have to work on building up our inventory because we are pretty well cleaned out from last years sales. We also want to start going to art shows and that means getting an art portfolio ready to send out and cross our fingers that the jury likes our work.

On Saturday we worked on cutting out bowls (lots and lots of bowls). I left the hard ones for mom to do. Mom likes cutting out the intricate designs and I rather cut out the outside of the bowl, which she hates. It is a good thing we compliment each other or we would be in a world of hurt.

Here is the progress so far:
The outside of the bowls that have been cut out. Some of the bowls still need their designs cut out, formed and enameled
The bowls I cut out in the upper left hand corner and a something I am working on is located on the bench pin

Mom cutting out flames for a bowl

The finished product after all the cutting and breaking of saw blades. Mom sure has a lot more patience than I do. I am really looking forward to seeing how this turns out after we enamel it.

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