Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold, Cold, OMG Cold!

This is mom all bundled up working out in the garage. I think the garge was about 40 degress while we were working.

Mom and I wanted to work in the metals studio but when we got over there the building deputy must have re-set the lock scanners for the new semester. So now I have to wait until they add me back into the scanner so I can have access to the studio. So that meant we went onto Plan B, work in the garage and make beads.

We got back to mom's house and we got her car out of the garage and then turned the heaters on to warm up the garage. We decided to let the garage heat up for about a hour. During that time mom was going to show me how to do Viking Knit.

I already know how to weave the copper around the dowel rod but I was not sure about how to add new strands of wire when I finished up the previous strand. Mom and I did Viking Knit and then headed out to garage.

OMG was it cold. The heaters blew the fuses so we flipped the fuses, turned the heaters back on and just started to work. It was a little cold out there but I was bound and determined to make those beads for the January Art Bead Challenge.

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