Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ceramics 342 - Fall 2009

I am finally posting the pictures of the pottery I threw in ceramics 342 during the fall semester of 2009.
During this semester Siggy showed us how to pull handles, for cups, make a lidded container, throw bowls, plates and shaped cylinders and the last thing we threw was a tea pot. We also learned how to make our own glazes.
Siggy also had me find recipes on how to make Egyptian Paste. You roll the paste into a bead, poke a hole through the bead, and then you kiln fire it. The bead comes out in the colors you made the paste in. I think I did white, blue/copper/ and red.
I like throwing the bowls and plates. I did not like pulling the handles or making the lidded containers. I know Siggy said it takes practice, but there is only so much practice before you realize you aren't very good at it! I lost count on how many lids and lidded containers I threw away.
I did have fun drawing on the plates and bowls. But there was a problem in the firing of some of the bowls and plates that was drawn on. Siggy is going to try and re-fire those bowls and plates during the spring semester. Siggy thinks that the firing was to low. Oh well. It is a crap shoot on what your stuff is going to look like when you take it out of the kiln anyway. Plus this semester was a learning experience.
I am going to post some examples I hope you enjoy!
One of the first bowls I threw. Bottom layer is Angel Eyes with wax resist and Tenmoko on top
The last bowl I threw. The design is a Celtic design. I based the bowl off a casted enameled necklace I made in a metals class.

One of the better cups I made. The glaze is Angel Eyes, wax resist design, Angel Eyes

This is the inside of a bowl and this is one of the glazes I made. It is called John's Oil Spot. I LOVE IT. The bowl also has a nice shape to it.
This is a plate I threw and then drew a design of flowers on the inside. I first painted white slip down and then used color slips for the flowers. I then used Celedon for the high fire glaze.

One of the tea pots I threw. I used Strawberry Blue glaze on the whole tea pot.

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