Thursday, January 7, 2010

December 2009 - Commissioned Pieces

Mom and I went to Sleepy Creek Vineyards (located in Fairmount, IL) for their Christmas Bazaar. There were around 8 vendors set up in the building. Mom and I love going to Sleepy Creek and support Joe and Dawn. If we sell anything, it is a bonus. We enjoy going to the winery to sit and knit or mom trying to teach me how to Viking Knit and drink the wine slushies.

While we were there a woman stopped at the table asking if we could make her a shorter copper Viking Knit necklace. She had bought a necklace at the Salt Fork Art Festival, from us, and wanted another necklace.
Sorry for the poor quality of the photograph. I am still trying to improve in my photo taking skills.

We also had a request for several pieces from the woman who sat across from us. She has Newfoundlands and wanted a Newfoundland pendant. She also wanted a Viking Knit bracelet with a large flameworked bead. Mom came up with two Newfoundland pendants; I made the flameworked glass bead for the bracelet; and mom made the bracelet and a necklace to go with the glass bead pendant the woman bought.
A full body Newfoundland

Head of a Newfoundland

The Viking Knit bracelet

Then we had one more commissioned piece that was going to be a Christmas gift. One of the guys from work requested a Five Decade Rosary. He gave me the birth months for the parents and the four kids and that is what I based the color of the beads on. I made the Pater beads of the parents birth stones and the Ave beads were the children birth stones. I made the cross with all the birthstone colors combined. I really like how the rosary turned out.

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