Monday, January 25, 2010

Ceramic Studio and Sleepy Creek Vineyards

Saturday morning mom and I went over to the ceramics studio to work on drawing on several cylinders I threw. This semester I am learning how to throw in porcelain (like throwing toothpaste) and I am still throwing in stoneware. I wanted to draw on the shapes I have thrown and then bisque fire them after our greenware critique on Thursday. I have images of two porcelains shapes I threw and an image of a stoneware shape I threw. I have several other bowls that I drew on and on those bowls I used images from my time in the military with nature images. I didn't get a chance to take photographs yet, but I will try and get images posted after I have finished coloring the images.
Porcelain - Butterfly Image
Porcelain - Cherry Blossoms
Stoneware - Water Lily

After we left the studio we went home, to mom's, to prepare a few pieces of inventory to take to Sleepy Creek for Valentine's Day. Mom also wanted to take her plastic form, for the 4th annual Sow's Ear Challenge up since we had no idea when the next time we will be able to make it to the vineyard. The theme for this years Sow's Ear Challenge is plastic containment devices. You must take used and discarded plastic bottles and other plastic containers headed to the landfill and re-fashion them into something artistic, beautiful and/or functional. The People's Choice Award winner receives $100.
Full Image of the Tide's of Hope Luminary (Held together with glue and lots of hope)
Close Up View
Looking Down at the Latern
While at the vineyard mom and I sat around drinking slushie and working on Viking Knit. While we working on the Viking Knit we received a commission for a Sterling Silver Viking Knit necklace with one of our beads; which was awesome! To bad we didn't have more Viking Knit in the inventory because I think a few more pieces would have sold. Guess what I am working on now, more Viking Knit!
Display of Jewelry

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