Saturday, January 9, 2010

Donating Chemo Caps

Mom and I are finally donating 27 Chemo caps that we have knitted. Mom knitted the majority of the caps and she is getting better with each cap. Though mom says she will die of shock when she knits one of the caps without some sort of mistake in the cap. I tell mom it doesn't matter about the mistakes, we are doing something for someone else!
The caps on the right are from yarn that we buy from JoAnn fabrics. This yarn is so nice to knit with. It is a pleasure to feel as you are knitting. The other yarn is from Hobby Lobby or River Knits. I think mom is addicted to buying yarn. Her new nickname is "Yarn Whore". I really don't think we need to buy yarn anytime soon.
Handwash Chemo Caps
Machine Wash Caps

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