Monday, February 16, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday Days 11 to 15

It is the last five day prompt from Sally for the mini-photo challenge - Ordinary Extraordinary Everday!

I had a lot of fun with these prompts and some of these really made me think about what I wanted to take a picture of - so THANK YOU so much Sally for the fun photo challenge!

So off we go:

Day 11 - Macro

A macro shot of a fire hydrant from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I go up there each year for their large art fair and while I am there I take pictures of the fire hydrants that are rusty and paint peeling. This one had water dripping down on it because it was being used for potable water.

Day 12 - Temptation

This is my temptation - I can live with out goodies, sweeties, etc. but a Pepsi is my downfall. As you can tell I had one yesterday. I need to get back on the band wagon of no sodas and eating right again.

Day 13 - Sweetness

This is one of my sweeties - he is such a mushmellow!

Day 14 - Love

I am starting back into my love - torching and making beads. I haven't made beads in a year and it has been great making them again. Oh how I forgot how much I love you torch!!!

Day 15 - Togetherness

Mom and me on the couch on her side of the house. During the winter I will sit with her a lot of the time. Either we are both playing on the phone or reading a book or just talking about nothing.

So - that is my photos for the mini-challenge. I hope you enjoyed the ride!


  1. That is one of the coolest macros I have ever seen. The colors are just gorgeous proving that you can find beauty in just about anything. The photo with you and your Mom is really sweet and special. I envy your torch skills!

  2. Hi Beth,
    Love the shot of the hydrant. Sodas I can live without, it is the other sweets that get to me and make it hard to stay away from. Your little kitty is so adorable. I am glad that you are torching again you make such beautiful glass beads. You and your Mom look comfy on the couch keeping warm.

  3. Lovely shots! The colors of the fire hydrant are amazing!

  4. Love your photos, ...that fire hydrant is fabulous.

  5. Beth, what a wonderful collection of photos! And the last photo of you and mom is such a beautiful way to end the challenge! Thank you so much for participating and I have to tell you that shot of the fire hydrant has such a great color palette!


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