Friday, March 13, 2015

March Birthdays, Oxygen Concentrator, Video, Beads, Shows and Sawing

Today is my all time favorite day - Friday the 13th. What makes it even better is that today is my birthday. I love having my birthday on Friday the 13th plus with a full moon. I never understood why people didn't like the number 13 or especially Friday the 13th! I think it is just like any other day - but better :)

Tomorrow is mom's birthday - so we sort of have the same birthdays. I always tell mom I was the best birthday gift she ever got :) I am sure she wasn't thinking that when she was in the hospital on her birthday though.

So - other things we have been up to.

Our new oxygen concentrator arrived and I gave it a spin last week.

This is the oxygen concentrator working and me getting ready to make the first beads.

Me actually making a bead in the flame.

The concentrator is a lot different than using the tanks - it is a softer flame and is just something I need to get used to. I am just happy we won't have to worry about hauling the tanks around anymore in the car!

These are the beads I made with the new oxygen concentrator. The beads will be part of the March ABS Monthly Challenge piece. Both mom and I are really happy with the way they turned out.

Mom and I also worked on updating our portfolio and submitting our work to juried shows for this year. So far we have been accepted into the Zionsville Brick Street Market in May. We have never participated in this show before but mom and I found out about it from last year. One of the people I follow on Instagram posted they were at the show and I asked mom if she wanted to go to Zionsville and she said yes. It is a really nice setup and a lot of cool things. Both mom and I are excited to participate this year.

Mom was working on drawing up a design for the ABS challenge too.

I actually got both perimeters sawed out and mom is working on sawing out the interiors.

Today I took a half day off from work - so I plan on going home and either sawing, filing/sanding or work on making more beads. I think it just depends on how I feel once I get home and what the weather is like. I heard it was supposed to rain - so I might stay inside and saw.

Who knows what I will do - it's my birthday after all :)

Have a great Friday the 13th everyone!!!!

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