Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More Lampwork Beads and Purdue Snow Images

This weekend I worked on making more beads - just for the fun of it. Mom and I haven't decided if the beads will be for sale yet or use them for jewelry. At this point I don't mind because I am having too much fun!!!! It was also nice on Saturday - I think the garage actually got up to almost 60 degrees.

These are the beads I made on Saturday. There were two more of the larger beads but they broke in half - which I thought they might when I was making them. I wasn't keeping them in the flame like I should have.

Sorry - don't know why blogger flipped this. I really like how the square bead turned out - I think I am going to have to make up a set. I am still trying to get the larger bead down - still not happy with the way it looks. Though I like the color of the glass!

Love the blue - but it does change color on you - I have no idea how I got the darker blue to come out. I really need to be paying more attention :)

On Sunday morning I played with more beads - and finished off the large tank of oxygen while I was at it. Today I made up more of those blue beads and then I played with raku frit and making a new bead shape I haven't done in a long time.

The pile of beads I took out of the kiln Monday night - my beads from playing on Sunday.

I made up another set of 10 blue beads - and it looks like they all turned out to be the same color. No dark blue beads this time.

And I love how these came out - I am calling them Kuiper Belt Nuggets. I am using a black base with raku frit. I am trying a tutorial I found about raku - I am not really there with the color yet but I am getting close. I also like how the shapes turned out. Now I just need to clean them and see how they look.

It also snowed on Sunday - so after I was done making beads I decided to go over to campus to take some pictures of the buildings with snow. Unfortunately mom couldn't go yet because of her knee - I didn't want her to take the chance of falling - especially since she was to start back to work on Monday.

I love how this photo turned out - it is kind of hard to see the birds in the tree. It looks sort of spooky to me :)

There was also pops of color where you least expected it.

Bell Tower and HOVD
And some nice serene photos too.

So - I had a wonderful weekend playing and actually going outside when it was snowing. How was your weekend?

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  1. Love those raku beads - both the colors and the shape. I would definitely say you had a fun week-end! (Good luck to your Mom as she starts back to work.)


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