Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Bead Making

Loving this bead!!!
Today I braved the heat to make more beads for our Bead Soup piece.  OMG was it hot out there.  It was 94 near the thermometer, with the fans going, but not sure how hot it was where I was sitting in front of the torch and the kiln right next to me.

Bead Soup Bead under the Heart
Sorry, no peeks of the beads until the big reveal which is only a week away.  I can't wait, both mom and I are so excited for Karin to see what we created with the goodies she sent us and we both can't wait to see what Karin created with the goodies we sent her.

If you haven't seen Karin's blog yet I highly recommend going over there and seeing her wonderful creations!

July ABS Challenge Piece - won second prize

Love the green and orange together - fantastic!
What I had planned on working on after the beadmaking.

These are a pile of pendants I need to file and sand so I can enamel them.  There are a couple of heart pendants, more element pendants and a Scottish thistle.  It is so hot out there I am thinking I will get up early tomorrow and get over to mom's to file and sand.  I am okay enameling in the afternoon because I can put the fans on me, unlike the torch, because the fans blow the flame all over the place.

This is a teaser shot of the pendant for our Bead Soup piece number 2.  I have an idea for the enamel colors and I really hope it comes out the way I envision it!

Update on mom after her surgery.  Today we went to breakfast, the first time she has been out of the house since Tuesday afternoon when I brought her home.  I think we should have waited a few more days before we went on an adventure.  After we ate I brought mom home and she has been laying on the bed since.  I think the surgery has helped out but we won't really know for a few more weeks.  Now, the hard part is trying to keep mom from doing anything rash, like saw, file and sand.  But I think after how she felt going to breakfast she isn't going to push it - at least I have my fingers crossed that she won't push it.

I think I am heading home to sit on the comfy couch, put a movie in and work on Viking Knit.  What are you up to this Saturday?


  1. Hi Beth and Mom, I have been so busy with the new job and all I have not been by for quite a while. I will be sure to make it back for your reveal. Love your new pendants!! Hope all is well with both of you!!

  2. Hi Beth,
    I am so looking forward to the next round of BSBP I am in that round and I need to get busy too. I hope your Mom gets to feeling like her old self soon. I have been thinking of a custom order from you, but I will wait till it gets cooler.

  3. Wow what a team.lovely.Love and Hugs Tanya


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