Friday, August 10, 2012

One More Day Until the Reveal

Oh my goodness, tomorrow is the Bead Soup reveal date for the second group, which mom and I are in.  I will be up bright and early with a big cup of coffee so I can start blog hopping :)

But first:

I took yesterday and today off from work so I could work on enameling, assembling, taking pictures and posting for the Bead Soup blog party.  This is the first time where we have been down to the wire.  With the kids visit, mom's surgery and me with migraines we didn't get done in a timely manner.

Thursday I did an enameling session in the morning.  I enameled a set of element pendants to be posted in the Etsy shop (crossing your fingers) today.  I also enameled a pendant for one of our BSBP pieces but you won't see that until tomorrow.

BSBP piece 1
After I did the enameling I worked on finishing assembling the pieces.  This is the first piece (we put everything on cookie trays to work with).  I still have to add the clasp but that should take about five minutes; famous last words.

BSBP pieces 2 to 4
Here is the second tray with the three of the other pieces I need to finish up.  The necklace I have not decided if I will re-string or not. I used the turquoise chips we received from Karin and because the chips are different sizes I didn't verify that the second side of the necklace matched the first side and it is off kilter.  So, I have to restring one of the sides and it is pain in the butt, but since I am ADD about each side matching guess what I am doing later today :)

While I was fuming about the necklace I came up with an idea for two bracelets.  I do need help from mom on finishing them off, but I actually wire wrapped the bracelets myself.  This is a first because I usually let mom do all the wire wrapping.  The loops aren't perfect like her loops but I am really proud of myself for trying.

I also finally cleaned beads.  These are the beads I was making last weekend.  I ran out of room in the kiln so I only made threee of them.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they turned out.  The middle bead was an accident.  The bead got all off kilter on the mandrel so I got my leaf masher, heated it back up, and smooshed it; Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. 

That is it until tomorrow, when I hope you come back and check out what mom and I created with the goodies Karin sent us.  Mom and I seriously can't wait to see what Karin did with the goodies we sent her.  The excitement is killing me.  Just a few more hours - I can do it, I can do it, I can do it :)


  1. Hi Beth,
    You will be ready I just know it! I can not wait till I see what you and your Mom created for the party. I will be up early too, but it will be getting ready to be at work by 6am. I'm still going to sneak some peaks while I'm there though you know I will not be able to resist. I will be working on my post this evening so it will post at midnight.
    See y'all at the party!

  2. I will be up bright and early, too. And you all will be my first stop! Those cookie sheets are very intriguing!


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