Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Heart Macro - Brief Recap of Week and Weekend

It is another Sunday of I Heart Macro - YAY!!!  If you would like to participate or see what everyone is taking pictures of head on over to Studio Waterstone and check it all out.

I thought I would share two of the pictures from last weekends shooting at the hort park located near where I work.  It was a little overcast last week so it gave the pics an awesome look.  The only thing I did to the pictures were re-size them.

My favorite image - it is now my Facebook cover photo. 

I love Strawflowers and how they look.  I love that touch of pink on the petals and how the petals are opening up - awesome!!!!

This week we were asked for a custom order necklace - Viking Knit with the birth month flower September enameled copper pendant.  I started working on the necklace Tuesday or Wednesday - can't remember now.

Mom starts the Viking Knit for me and I go to town on the rest of the necklace.  I have also been playing with my new phone camera and using Instagram more.  So, these pics are out in my Instagram plus some pics of the fur babies :)

I have about 14 1/2 inches done so far.  I want to complete another 5-8 inches before I take it off the dowel rod and mom pulls it through the draw plate.  You like what I watch as I work on the Viking Knit - love the DVDs The Universe.  You can also sort of see Mishka's tail sticking up at the end of my couch - sort of hard to see but it is there.

Farmer's Market
Yesterday mom and I went downtown to the Farmer's Market.  It isn't very big, maybe half a block long.  But I couldn't get over the color of the fruits and veggies.  I also couldn't get over how good they looked because we have had no rain in so long and it has been so blasted hot.

Here are some pics:

Who knew about purple bell peppers???

Or about white bell peppers???
I just can't get over the vibrancy of the colors of the veggies and fruits - amazing!!!

When we got home I started working on the torch.  I wanted to make up more of the beads mom and I just fell in love with  - now calling them "Butterfly Kisses" and a set I had an idea for a design.

Add caption

The "Butterfly Kisses" are to the right - one of the beads became wonky as I was turning the bead in the flame and couldn't save it so I would just smush it with my leaf mashers - we will see what it looks like after I clean up the beads.

The beads to the left are the two focals I wanted to try a design I have been thinking about.  The bead in the middle I used transparent blue with frit on top and I feathered it, I add black and then I added a dot of SIS for the moon.  I wanted to try a very simple water scene with the moon.   The second focal I did the same but I added silver foil to the bead, mashed it and add the SIS dot for the moon.  I really like that bead better than the first design.  I also made spacer beads from the same transparent blue, frit and feathered it.  I want to use these beads to make a bracelet.  Once I complete the bracelet I will share pics.

After I ran out of room in the kiln I started playing with torch fired enameled beads.  Last week I ordered a whole bunch of beads from Barbara Lewis, Painting with Fire.  The arrived on Friday so I thought I would play yesterday until my oxygen ran out.

This is what I got done - there are four beads where the holes filled up when I took them off the mandrel.  I need to get better at doing that - any recommendations would be appreciated!!!!  I did re-read the tutorial from Barbara I purchased and there is a little video out on the NING website that is awesome, but I just don't have the trick yet.  More practice - once I get more oxygen.

These are pieces I need to work on today.  The necklace to the far right I just need to assemble it and the necklace is done - it has our lampwork glass beads, hematite spacers and lava rocks.  The next tray is beads I need to make into bracelets.  The next tray has our "fire" triangles and some stones we bought at the bead show in Indy last month.  I think mom decided to wire wrap them together.  The final necklace is copper leaves we liver of sulfered and then some of or lampwork beads - these will be all wire wrapped together.

Currently mom is outside sawing and I am heading out to help with that.  There are some some plates she is working on that I really want to complete before our shows in September - I think there is a show every weekend.  I am excited!!!  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!!


  1. The flowers are awesome, but the veggies are gorgeous too! I love the color of those onions.

  2. I love that flower. It is so beautiful and I love the soft color of the petals too! And yes, the color of the fruit and veggies is awesome. They also made me hungry! Nice photo's..

  3. Lovely collection of photos! and I'm amazed at your talent in making the beads.

  4. Amazing colors on these fruits and veggies!!!!

  5. Love those flowers, I would like to see that necklace once is finished.

  6. What a great flowers and the veggies are great to ;o)
    The beads are awesome!


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