Saturday, August 25, 2012

We Were Busy Bees Today

Today was an assembly day in the garage.  I think mom and I are sort of panicking because our first show is fast approaching.  I was thinking our first show was the first weekend in September but actually it is the 16th of September.  So, we still have time to work pieces up.

Mom worked on assembling all the Viking Knit pieces and I did all the other easy pieces :)  We ended up making five necklaces and eleven bracelets.  I am pretty proud of us for creating that many pieces today.

So, here is what we got accomplished:

"Hearts on Fire" - lava stones, hematite,
and our lampwork glass beads

Love how the beads turned out

Pendant from Singing Cat Studio, Viking Knit
made by us with turquoise 26 gauge Parawire,
and sterling silver clasp and not sure about the end caps

26 gauge orange Parawire Viking knit necklace, sterling silver
heart clasp and not sure about the end caps

26 gauge pink Parawire Viking Knit necklace, sterling silver clasp and not sure
about the end caps

26 gauge puple Parawire Viking Knit necklace, sterling silver
clasp and not sure about the end caps


Agate stone, gunmetal spacers (not sure about the white beads), purple Viking
knit, gunmetal clasp and end caps.

The other side of the bracelet

Polymer Clay "Pillows" made by Tropical Blonde, lampwork glass beads by
us, tiger eye and Czech accent beads, sterling silver clasp

Lampwork glass beads by us, 26 gague pink Parawire Viking knit bracelet,
sterling silver clasp and I think the end caps are brass

I think the stone is Agate (need to ask mom - one of the stones we bought at that bead
show in Indy), purple Viking Knit, gunmetal clasp and end caps

Pink/black feathered beads bought at the bead show in Indy, gunmetal spacers,
pink Viking knit, gunmetal clasp and end caps

The other side of the bracelet

Pink/white feathered beads by us, sterling silver spacers, clasp, maybe end caps
and pink Viking Knit

Pink Polymer Clay "Pillows" by Tropical Blonde, lampwork glass beads by us,
Czech accent beads and sterling silver clasp

26 gague pink Viking Knit with Sterling Silver clasp

26 gauge purple viking knit with sterling silver clasp

Tile from More Skye Jewels, beads from Julsbeads, tiger eye and
Czech bead accents, seed beads and a button

Image from the other side

Lampwork beads by us and accent beads with a sterling silver clasp

So, that was today.  Tomorrow I have to enamel some pendants and I think while I am doing that mom maybe sawing out bowls and plates.  Though it depends on how she feels because right now she is crashed on the couch watching the second season of Castle.  I am heading home to feed the cats, site on the comfy couch and work on some Viking Knit and watch a DVD (not sure what yet).

Have a great night everyone!!!


  1. Wow! Busy bees indeed! I actually like those silver end caps. Did you see the tutorial for making your own from wire that Rio was promoting? That might be an option you'll like better if you're not liking the contrast.

    Loving that last bracelet!

    We love Castle! Can't wait for it come back for next season. Another one of my favorites is Boardwalk Empire and it's coming back next month.

    Good luck at your show!

  2. Wow, gorgeous pieces! And I love your lampwork beads. Especially those on the first necklace with the lava beads. You've really been busy.

  3. You girls are amazing..such beautiful pieces. I wish you well for the show. Love the fiery lampwork beads and lava beads.

  4. You go girls! That is a lot of loot that you created. I love the mix of the viking knit. That looks like it would be cool to wear. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Very nice viking jewelry!! I am just learning, and am totally amazed at what beautiful pieces you have made!


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