Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Review

First off I wanted to show you the fully assembled cat tower.  Mom took the whole thing apart last week and got it assembled for the fur babies.  I was really hoping Lily was in one of the baskets but she was not obliging today in the picture department.

Mom has been working on tagging everything with the Nappanee show inventory tags.  She finished up the bowls on Saturday so I would have a table to enamel on Sunday.  She has finished tagging the necklaces and the only things left are the bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

This is a sawing project mom has been working on since around 2007.  It was one of her first sawing projects, ambitious isn't she.  It is a large Tree of Life piece.  Mom has gotten so good at manipulating the saw and saw blades into places you were sure the blade would break.  I seriously need to buy mom a bigger jewelers saw for larger pieces!!!

Mom manipulating the saw.

Finally the finished piece - just took four/five years to finally saw out.  We will work on filing and sanding this week and I will enamel it this weekend.  It is hard to tell, but there is a Celtic design in the tree. 

This is the pendant we are using for this month's ABS Challenge - Boreas by John William Waterhouse, 1903. 

I laid out some beads for ideas for the necklace.  I also want to add watercolor silk to the necklace.  I want to talk with mom over the piece before I start assembling it.

This is a plate I also enameled yesterday - Guardian of the Woods.  This is our third Guardian of the Woods plate and we hope it sells as fast as the other two Guardian's did.  I used transparent reds/oranges/yellows/greens in this plate.

I wanted to share a couple other enameled plates that I am not sure if I have shared in the past.  One is a better shot of the Paisley bowl, African Mask and Harlequin Mask.

I was using transparent purples and pinks in this bowl and trying to give a swirl pattern.  Mom was also challenging herself in the sawing department - how small can she go???

Mom really love this piece.  When she was sawing it out she would stop and just stroke the copper - yes, I know she is weird but I still love her :)  At first I wasn't to keen on the piece (before it was enameled) but once the color was added I love it!  I think mom might cry if this piece ever sells.

This is a Harlequin Mask.  I used different color greens, transparent purples, white and red when I enameled the piece.  Mom accented the mask with red beads.

That is it for the day.  Mom is on the couch reading and I am heading home to crash on the couch to read.  Have a great one!

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