Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Heart Macro - Bees and Color

My favorite time of the week - I Heart Macro at Studio Waterstone.

Mom and I went for a walk on Monday to the hort park near where I work.  I left my office, went and grabbed mom from her building and then we walked to the hort park.  I am still surprised any of our photos turned out because it was so windy.

So, here are a few of the pictures that I took.

I wanted to share this one photo because it reminds me of an explosion of color.  I am teasing you with this photo and I will share the rest next I Heart Macro.

In the hort park there are a few, huge, Peony bushes.  There are pinks and this white and yellow bush.  Like I said I am still surprised any of these photos turned out because it was so windy.  You would hold your breath, take a photo, and cross your fingers.

Mom and I love the interior of the flowers - they look like something from another planet.

There were a lot of bees out and flying around and both mom and I were lucky enough to take photos of them on the flowers.

That is our I Heart Macro for this week.  If you would like to participate or see what others are taking Macro shots of, head on over to Studio Waterstone.

Right now mom and I are off to eat breakfast.  Then it is enameling and finish putting tags on the inventory.  What are you doing this Sunday?


  1. What lovely macos - so much detail!! Love them!

  2. These are really great shots, especially considering it was windy. I took some in the wind that didn't turn out at all! Good job! :)

  3. you capured great, clear detail - very nice!

  4. Your photos turned out wonderfully given it was so windy....the enemy of a macro photographer. I also dislike it as I can't go in my little workshop...blows the flame too much! I love the bee on those wonderful peony stamens..... You have me intrigued about next week now! Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Great, great shots. The first, the purple is so vibrant! Love.


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