Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Doings

Well, I thought I would do a re-cap of the cat tree and the Cancer Center Benefit donations.  This is a somewhat long post so grab a glass of wine :)

First - the cat tree assemblage:

In my last post I wrote about the cat tree mom ordered and that she had to assemble.  Well, there were some issues :)

We started off good

Mom has some helpers assembling the cat tree

We are almost done

The "OH CRAP" moment (of course you know that is not what is going through her mind right now!)

Getting the tape measure out and measuring

The cats are not seeing anything wrong - but can you?????

You can sort of tell the front leg is shorter than the two back legs.  All three legs are suppose to be level so we can put a top on the cat tree.  Currently the tree is sitting in the hallway until we can tear it all apart and start from scratch.  Just so you know, mom did lay out all the parts in groupings and would go and bring in each grouping when she got to the next level.  Now, she has mapped out the instructions and when we tear everything apart we will measure and take chalk and label all the pieces (the pieces were not labeled!).  I was not kidding, the instructions were written in "Man Speak".

Recap of the Cancer Center donation.

Mom and I donated two necklaces to the Purdue Cancer Center benefit put on by the Purduettes.  Here is what we donated:

Enameled Copper "Warrior Woman" pendant, lampwork glass beads, freshwater
pearls, Sterling Silver Spacer beads, Viking Knit with pink wire

Enameled Copper "Warrior Woman" pendant and enameled copper ovals,
lampwork glass beads, Mookaite, seed beads, and watercolor silk ribbon
Both necklaces were sold at the auction. 

Mom and I found out from our friend that the Viking Knit "Warrior Woman" was purchased by a lady who lost her husband in the last year.  The lady is a big supporter of the arts and from what our friend says is a wonderful person.  Our friend said that the lady said the necklace inspired her and she wanted to purchase it because it reminds her to be strong and that she can make it on her own.  The lady also told our friend that no one was going to beat her out of that necklace.

What a great story and we are so happy that our necklace can give a person inspiration and strength.  We really hope she does gain strength from something we created.  That made both of our days to read the email about the necklaces!

Today - the doings on a Saturday:

I worked on the torch today making beads for the April ABS Challenge piece.  Both mom and I were inspired by this month's painting - I LOVE IT!!!!

Mom has started working on the inventory for the Nappanee show, the inventory sheets are due to them on April 13th.  When I took this photo the bowls were done - and just so you know we have to use their inventory numbers and not ours (we have three shows that we have to use the shows numbers and of course none of the shows use the same numbering system).

We did take a break to do a little shopping.  The other day, I was driving with friends, and we were coming back from lunch, when I saw this window for sale at an antique store.  I told mom about using this to display our pendants and she said lets go get it.  We are thinking of having mom paint flowers in the corner of the windows.

We stopped at Menards to buy some spray paint to repaint the display pedestals.  They are looking kind of ratty.

We then stopped at Von's so I could buy some gunmetal chain, clasps, and Czech beads for the idea I had for the lotus pendant.  I am still trying to decide between the three watercolor silk ribbons I want to use to finish off the necklace.

These are the projects mom and I would like to get done before the Nappanee show to add to the inventory.  Not sure how many will get done, but at least they are laid out and we can see what needs to be worked on.

And finally - mom is now working on inventorying the necklaces.  Now you will see why I am doing a blog post and staying out of her way.

But first:

This is mom melting down after we just finished figuring out the bracelets and earrings.  Those are three separate inventory sheets she has got going there (our inventory sheet with our numbers, the last show we did with their inventory numbers (which most of the inventory is still labeled with those numbers) and the inventory sheet for the Nappanee show.  Now you see why she is having a melt down and why we both freaking hate inventorying!!!!

And this is mom flipping me the bird - after I was an awesome daughter and going to get her a Diet Coke.

At least I got her to smile.  I hope you all have a great Easter!!!


  1. Hi Beth,
    Wow you guys are busy. They should not let men write instruction sheets LOL! I dread inventory, but it is something that has to be done, so you know what you have and what you need to make. It is always a nice warm and fuzzy feeling to find out that someone has fallen in love with one of your pieces, both of those necklaces are beautiful and I hope the other persons loves their necklace also.
    Happy Easter

  2. I'm what I like to call 'instructionally dyslexic' , meaning all instructions to me make no sense whatsoever and bad things happen why I'm silly enough to try to follow them lol I bought a little cabinet form WalMart to store some crafting supplies in and it looked fairly straight forward to put together. I could've just looked over the pictures and pieces and figured it out on my own, but noooo...I actually had to attempt to follow the instructions. This resulted in the top being put on upside down.. which I discovered only after the backing had been nailed in place. I could've just left it but then the door wouldn't have worked... so I had to tear the backing off, pry it apart and put it all back together again.

    Tell your mom she has my sympathies and complete understanding... and I know she'll be enjoying that victory glass of wine after it's successful completion... the one that accompanies the symbolic burning of the instructions ;) lol

  3. You ladies have saws - and know how to use them - I'm sure you could make those two back posts match the front post! Clearly they were uneven to begin with ;) Good luck ~~T


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