Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Heart Macro - Dried Flowers

Happy Easter everyone!  It is another I Heart Macro Sunday over at Studio Waterstone.

I haven't walked around taking pictures lately and so I am using some pictures from my March 14th walk on campus.  I am not sure what flowers these are because they are from last year and there was no tag near them.  I wanted to go back on the weekend to take more pictures of them but the landscapers cut them down - I was so disappointed!

So, here are the pics I took of the dried flowers from 2011 on March 14, 2012:

I really loved the textures and the colors of the dried flowers with the sun shining through the petals.

Mom and I are heading to my aunt's around 12:30 for a family lunch.  Then the kids will have an Easter egg hunt and that is always fun to watch.  The boys (24 and 22) usually hide the eggs in the most unlikely places and it is fun to watch the kids try to find them.  Of course the adults are giving some hints to help them find the eggs (especially when they are high up in a tree or on the roof of the house or garden shed).

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


  1. Beautiful shots, flowers are wonderful in all their variations!!

  2. Hi Beth,
    The shots of the dried hydrengeas are beautiful. Have a great Easter with your family.

  3. So perfect!! Love these shots today!!

  4. They look so fragile and delicate. Great shots for this Easter Sunday!

  5. I love the way the lighting highlights the details on the leaves.

  6. VERY pretty!! I love the lighting in your photo compositions. [and no, I'm not 'copying' the comment from "Nadege"...I DO TRULY think the lighting is perfect.

    COME INTO MY PARLOR said the SPIDER to the FLY is my Monday post link. Do come by if you get a chance, I'd love to have your company!!!


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