Monday, January 9, 2012

We Are Good - Oh So Good!

Yes, I am tooting a horn for both mom and myself.  Mom does a fanDAMNtastic job in sawing and I have to say I enamel pretty good!

I finished enameling the pendants we got filed and sanded yesterday.

Here are the last of the triangles that had to be enameled.  I can't wait to see what mom does with all 12 of them.

We had a customer request us to make the female cyclist pendant and that is done.  Now just need to contact the customer.

Now these, these I am so much in love with.  Mom and I are using these pendants in two different necklaces that we are donating for a silent auction.  Each year the Purduettes have an auction to raise money for the Cancer Center on Purdue.  Mom contacted the Ford Company to see if we could use their "Warrior Woman" image for our pendant.  We received an okay for it and mom went to town on sawing and I enameled today.  I SO LOVE THESE!!!!

I enameled the face with transparent otter brown, the two stripes has two different transparent pinks, the hair is black with accents of the two different transparent pinks.

I enameled the face white, the stripes are the two different transparent pinks, and then I used transparent orange/yellow/woodrow red, transparent mauve purple and rose purple, and the two different transparent pinks.  I have I said I LOVE THESE PENDANTS!  I can't wait to get them into the necklaces.  I will also work on taking better pictures.

via Pinterest

Update on mom and her fall.  Yesterday I said she crashed on the couch and I guess she got up during the night and could barely walk.  Mom got an appointment in to see her podiatrist and he told her she broke something on the top of her foot - so he had to wrap up her foot since mom refuses to wear the boot.  He also gave mom a cortisone shot in each foot.  The broken screw (which the doctor still can't figure out how mom broke) is still in place and she didn't break any of the other plates or screws in her feet.

Now, mom needs to go see her regular doctor for all the other pains.  First though she had to file works comp paperwork because this happened on campus yesterday. So, once she hears what happens with that she will go and get her neck checked out, her left leg (she could barely drive her Mustang today), and her left arm.  I think they will need to X-ray her whole body for everything that hurts.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and well wishes for mom.  They mean a lot to both of us.  We will keep you all updated.

One more day of vacation for me.  Tomorrow I will put down the enameling tables and work on making beads.  I want to finish off the oxygen tank so we can order more.  I also have a lot of pendants that need to be sawed out so I can enamel them this weekend.  I have had a wonderful vacation playing in the studio and boy has the weather helped with that!  Have a great one!


  1. Yes you are good! Those are lovely.

    Hope your Mom is feeling better.

  2. Love your new pieces especially the "Warrior Women" pendants. All the best to your mom's recovery...I have broken a bone on the top of my foot about 4 times and I HATE those boots.

  3. Wow! You guys have done an awesome job! Everything is just beautiful!

  4. Get better Miss Evie!

    Those pendants are all gorgeous. What fun you two must have!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Beautiful work! And poor Evie!!! Oh my - hugs to her and I hope she's resting comfortably.
    Enjoy your weekend,


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