Sunday, January 15, 2012

Productive Day and a Sawing Incident

Currently it is 31 degrees but feels like 21 degrees, but this is the temperature I got the garage up to while I was enameling.  I guess it does help to bring a third heater out into the garage to warm it up.

This is the enameling set up with the third heater mom brought out to warm up that area. I really didn't think it would make that much of a difference but it did!!!  Mom is sooo smart.

The other two heaters set up around the kiln.  It also helped that the kiln was going even with the exhaust fan going it was still pretty warm, except for the water, that was still bloody cold!  Mom has a sink in the garage that I use to clean the pendants after each time I bring them out of the kiln.  Well, the sink only has cold water going into it, so have to suck it up in the winter time.

Picture of a hummingbird right out of the kiln.

These are all the items I need to photograph and list out on Etsy.  I am hoping I can get that done tomorrow morning.  As you can see I have four sets of beads to list, three worry stones, a kokapelli pendant, two humming bird pendants, two heart pendants and a set of bee pendants.

Mom is a little exhausted after all the sawing, filing and sanding she did today.  And that is Lily giving me the evil eye.


I thought I would share what mom did.  If you have a weak stomach go no further.

This is mom's finger wrapped up in a paper towel.

This is mom's finger after she sawed it.  I was out in the garage so I wasn't keeping an eye on her to see how tired she was getting.  Usually I can yell at her to stop before she does something stupid to herself.  Oh well. 

Tomorrow mom and I have off for the holiday.  Maybe more things will be enameled, but I am not sure yet.  I know for sure I want to get the above items listed onto Etsy.  So look for those tomorrow.  Also, don't forget you have five more days until our sale ends on the 20th of January.  All inventory is 20% off in the store.

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  1. Thanks Evie and Beth for your comments on my blog! I'm tha-rilled to have Marie as a partner! I don't see you on the list this time, but hope you will participate anyway...your enamels are wonderful!


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