Friday, January 6, 2012

Still Here - Studio Time

Studio table

Mom and I are still here, just have been busy getting back to work and into the swing of the new year.  I did take Thursday, today, and next Monday and Tuesday off because I wanted to play in the studio.  As you can see there is a lot going on.

I have the music blaring on my computer from my iPod.  I am listening to my new favorite mix of miscellaneous music.

These are the beads I pulled out of the kiln from yesterday.

These are all the beads I need to cleaned.

And this is my torch going with the glass I am using and the frit I am playing with.

And of course this is Zola, in the way of the keyboard and the screen.

This is Zola watching the arrow go across the screen as I was re-sizing the images.

This is Zola hitting the monitor trying to get the arrow as I am re-sizing the images.  Yes, I could have thrown her out of the room but it was too cute watching her.  Except when she sat on the keyboard and then the mouse and then sits in front of the monitor and I can't see what is going on, but she is soo cute!!!!

Tomorrow will be a sawing day and Sunday will be enameling.  We have some projects we need to get done, so will be busy this weekend.

Oh, just a reminder:

Well, probably not a big sale, but it is still a sale.  Mom and I are having a 20% off inventory sale in our Etsy store.  The sale will end on January 20th.

Okay, I am off to work some more in the studio.  I actually have the garage up to almost 60 degrees - it is a heat wave!


  1. That cute cat makes me wish I weren't so allergic! Ahh! Heaven to have days to play in the studio. Maybe I need to schedule some me-time in mine...
    Enjoy the day! Hope Evie is feeling good!

  2. I LOVE when you post pics of Zola! She is adorable!


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