Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sawing in the Kitchen

Yesterday mom and I worked on sawing out pendants.  It was way toooooooo cold to be working out in the garage so we set up our sawing stations in the kitchen.  Don't you just love the chair I am using to saw, so comfortable and it rocks.  Just so you know, I don't sit or stand still, need to be always moving which drives mom crazy sometimes.

Mom drawing on the pattern for our January ABS Challenge piece.

These are the copper sheets I was working on sawing out.  Oh, I just saw out the perimeters and mom saws out the designs.

My pile of copper that was sawed out.  To the left you can see the dustpan filled with copper shavings.

These are all the pendants that mom sawed out the insides and now are ready to be filed and sanded.  Once that is done I will be enameling them.  While I am enameling mom will be sawing out more pendants for us to enamel.  I hope to have photos later on today.


  1. You are two of the most industrious people!!! Her ability to saw that copper with such detail, and your enameling skills always amaze me! You are blessed to have each other and share your passion together!

  2. So glad you can do all that out of the cold. It has even been cold here in the desert. We had ice on the ground and grass Friday frozen after the sprinklers went off. Loving the designs you are giving a peak at. Hope to do the challenge this month but have looming deadlines for a March Quilt Show so I have to play it by ear. Keep warm!!


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