Sunday, January 22, 2012

Enameling Sunday

This is what was sitting in the computer chair when I came in to write a blog post.  She looks cute right now but I had to throw her out of the room because she was chasing the pointer all over the screen.  Kind of hard to work when I can't see because of Zola.

Mom and I worked on sawing out pendants and enameling this weekend.  I was able to enamel another set of bee pendants that we are using in a necklace, two more heart pendants, an owl pendant and all the pieces for the January ABS Challenge piece.

Here is the show:

These are the enameled pieces for the "Bee Hive" necklace.  I want to make lampwork beads to go with this necklace.  We have bought black lava stones to use and not sure what the other accent stone/bead will be used also.

An owl pendant that I need to take more photos of and post on Etsy.  That will be later on this week.

I used ivory and transparent grays in this heart pendant.  Mom loves this pendant but I am still not sure yet.  This is the smaller sized heart and also will be photoed later on this week and posted on Etsy.

I am calling this one "Flaming Heart" pendant.  It is black, red, sunset orange and marigold yellow.  You can't really tell the depth of the color from this photo, so I can't wait till I take photos to post out on Etsy.

These are all the pieces that we need to put together for the January ABS Challenge.  We are still debating on the color of beads we are going to use.  Mom has a plan and it is actually sketched out, so I really can't wait to see what this piece looks like once it is put together.

That is it for this weekend.  Right now mom is working on a tree of life pendant for a gift.  We also want to make several more tree of life pendants to post out on Etsy.  We went to Von's today and bought a bunch of pink and red Czech beads to use and I can't wait to see them completed.  So, lots to do and not enough hours in the day.  Though I am happy with all we did get accomplished.  How was your weekend?  Did you get a lot done you wanted to?


  1. Those are beautiful pieces, I love the bees, gorgeous!

  2. I see you mad some more bees! I LOVE THAT OWL! I still cannot get over the sawing skills going on over there! And, always love the pics of Zola! As for me...ther are never enough hours in a single day!

  3. OMG, Beth! You and your mom are the beast! Love the bees and the hive!

  4. Yeah the bees are my favorite too! Beautiful!!!


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