Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waking Up Awesome

Last night I took the beads out of the kiln that I made on Sunday.  Both mom and I are really happy with the way they turned out. 

This set started out as a base of transparent cobalt blue with raku frit on top.  I was thinking about etching one of the beads to see what it would look like but both mom and I decided we love the beads as they are.

This set was made with a different type of frit than I usually use to make these beads.  I really like how the blues are showing through, so yeah me.

Again, I used a different color firt than I usually use to make these beads (the frit I used ran out of and I am trying to find some other frit to use because I don't know what I was using before).  Instead the beads came out darker than usual but again both mom and I are really happy with the way the beads turned out.  So, overall it was a good bead making day on Sunday.

 Last night, I was on Facebook, and noticed a link was posted by a friend.  So, of course I had to check it out and boy was I glad I did.  I have to share this with you all.  It is on a blog named "Redefine Girly, Let's Change the Way We Think About Our Girls!" The blog post is called Waking Up Full of Awesome.  This post really touched me and made me think over some things.  I know I am not a deep or philosophical person and I don't want the blog to turn into that, just not me. 

I have actually printed off this post and I am putting it next to my monitor at work and putting a copy on my mirror at home.  This is something that everyone should wake up to, "Full of Awesome".  I somehow lost that in the last 10 years and I think in the last few weeks I am slowly finding it again.  I don't know if it is because I am exercising more, eating right and feeling good about myself; but I have been feeling awesome and I want to keep that feeling every day.  I know I will slip, but hey, we are all human and that is what makes life fun!  I hope you woke up feeling awesome today!


  1. These are amazing! I think it's a wonderful idea that you remind yourself of how extremely awesome you are! Thank you for the link. :-)

  2. oh what wonderful beads.....awesome is right...love them all but those first ones you posted are yummy

  3. The beads are bea.u.ti.ful! Love them all. I am headed over to the blog as I can really use some awesome right now!

  4. You ARE awesome! Just look at that beauty you create. That is AWESOME! I will go and check that out.
    Enjoy the day!


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