Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Heart Macro Sunday - Butterflies

Hello all, this is I Heart Macro Sunday and it is all about butterflies.  Mom was lucky enough to take pictures of a butterfly Wednesday night getting drunk on the pollen in the lilies.  I was so excited to share this pictures because you can see the pollen on the wings and you can see the butterfly dip its head into the flowers in a couple of the photos.  It was so exciting to see these the next day, mom done good and I guess I will keep her.

'Twould ease - a Butterfly - by Emily Dickinson

'Twold ease - a Butterfly
Elate - a Bee
Thou'rt neither
Neither - thy capacity

But, Blossom, were I
I would rather be
Thy moment
Than a Bee's Eternity

Content of fading
Is enough for me
Fade I unto Divinity

And Dying - Lifetime
Ample as the Eye
Her least attention raise on me

Join the fun at Waterstone Studio or go and see what everyone has taken a picture this week.


  1. the orange and greens are gorgeous! how lucky you are!

  2. Stunning lucky shots!! Gorgeous without the butterfly but the butterfly makes them even more magical!! Kristi

  3. What brilliant colors...can't you just sit and watch these lovely creatures....they always amaze me watching them dive bomb my cats in the yard. I was lucky enough to watch a dragonfly as I mowed yesterday...I need a "drunk" butterfly so I can capture one!! Wonderful!!

  4. Beautiful! The colors are so vivid!

  5. OMG!!! I'd keep her too lol!!! These are absolutely stunning - incredible shots!

  6. WOW!!! These are beyond amazing! She did good!!

  7. Beautiful photos! So lucky to capture the butterfly. I haven't had any luck with photographing butterflies, hopefully I will soon! Amazing colors as well!

  8. What beautiful shots - your Mom is an amazing camerawoman! That butterfly must have enjoyed all that lovely nectar to hang around for all those gorgeous pix. How lovely to be able to see all the pattern on the wings, and so clearly!

  9. This is just beautiful, Beth. Yes, mom done good!

  10. Those vibrant colors are amazing!

  11. Stunning pictures! Your Mom did good! Great shots.

  12. Wow, lovely pics of the lilies and butterflies!

  13. Wow! So many gorgeous pictures of butterfly! These are really exceptional. :) Some of the best I've seen of butterflies! Seriously! You should get like three of them printed up and framed together. It would be a gorgeous set.


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