Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - First in Awhile

It is another Bead Table Wednesday where artists are brave enough to show what is happening on their beading table.  If you would like to participate or see what everyone is doing head on over to the BTW Flickr site and check it out.

Tonight I just finished typing up the inventory for our show at the end of July.  The venue wants a list of the inventory now but we can add more stuff once we get to the show to set up.  I am sure there is a reason they need the inventory now but as of right now I have no idea why.  That is one thing off our list - YEAH!!!!

Here are some of the things mom and I are working on:

Three Necklaces in the works

These are flower beads from BeeTree by m.e. and
flameworked beads by us (Raku frit I am playing with)

Polymer Clay Dream Jar by BeeTree by m.e., Copper chain,
copper VK by us, copper hears, and lampwork beads by us

Polymer clay flower beads by BeeTree by m.e., pearls,
and I am working on beads for this necklace
More necklaces in the works:

Three more necklaces to complete - the two on the left are being
redone because I was not happy with the way the back
of the pieces looked.  I am sure mom is swearing at me about
redoing the necklaces but I am a little crazy that way.

This is called "Black Widow"

This is called "Cotton Candy"

This is a new necklace with more beads by BeeTree by m.e.,
raku beads by us and freshwater pearls
The final shot is my torching area:

I have been working on making beads with all the new frit I received from Sandi over at Sandi Carrico Jewelry Artist.  I like playing with different colors of glass and frit.  I am also playing with raku frit for the first time and as you can see I had to get out one of my flameworking books to figure out reduction and oxidized flames.  Still get confused on that.

Oh, question for any of you lampworkers out there.  Have any of you ever used any flower petals in your beads?  A friend would like me to use flower petals in making beads and I was wondering if anyone has done that before?  Any insights or tips would be highly appreciated it.

I guess that is it for our Bead Table Wednesday.  I know next week mom and I won't be posting anything because we will be on vacation with my niece and nephew and I don't know if I will have time to blog next week.  I will keep you all posted.  Have a great Wednesday night!


  1. Looks like you are a busy duo!
    I have never heard of a show wanting an inventory list, it certainly is strange.
    As for the flower petals - all you will get is ash, as there is no way they can survive the temperature of the flame. I am not positive, but I think the flame is somewhere around 1700 degrees F. Unless you mean that you are wanting to simulate flower petals?

  2. Jane is correct~ live flower petals would not survive the flame. An option would be to put the petals in the new clear bezels that are floating around.

    As for Raku~ I have the most success when I marver it on cool brass. Graphite can do the trick too in some cases. I don't think striking/reduction plays much of a part, at least not in my experience.

    Beautiful necklaces in the works! I hope that show is a screaming success. :)

  3. Thanks you both for the advice. I figured that was what would happen but I thought I would ask advice from everyone. I like the idea of the bezels and I do have some Ice Resin I have not played with yet. I was also thinking of maybe a polymer clay jar to put the petals in.

    Thanks again with the advice on the petals and the raku!!!!

    Mom and I have our fingers crossed that the show is awesome because the bank account is pretty low and we both want to shop!

  4. Have a great show! It looks like you two have been getting lots of work done for it. The dream bottle necklace looks really interesting.

    I'm glad i never had to do an inventory for a show. I have a ton of earring and it would be hardto re-tag them.

  5. You are two busy of luck with the show.


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