Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Late and a Dollar Short

Yesterday was BTW (Bead Table Wednesday) and we are a day late to participate.  Last night I was working out until after 6:00pm and then mom and I were talking about our day at work until around 7:30 and then I headed home.  So, like I said in the title "Day Late and a Dollar Short".

I thought I would share what we have been doing over the weekend.  Mom set up tables in the garage to lay out all our beads and the projects we are working on.  Mom was a busy little bee this past weekend: 28 pairs of earrings made, five necklaces, one bracelet and two key chains made.  There are three or four more necklaces waiting for me to finish them off.  I also have beads I made this weekend and more beads in the kiln waiting to be taken out and cleaned.  So, a very productive weekend.

So, on with the tour:

The working table
Mom Working Away
Some of our glass bead stash - you can see some of Juls beads

More Earrings to be made
"Here a Daisy" - pendant from BeeTree by m.e. 

Red Flowers by BeeTree by m.e. and beads by us

Yellow flowers from BeeTree by m.e. and our beads & VK
Gecko on a Bottle by BeeTree by m.e. & VK by us
"Emerald Isle" is done and I need to add the clasp
So, that is the tour of what we did this weekend.  Mom is leaving the tables up until Sunday and then we tear down and start working where ever we can find a spot.  I hope you have a wonderful week and I highly recommend heading over to the BTW Flickr site and see all the other great artists and what they have been up to.


  1. Oh I love the viking knit! You so need to come over and teach me! I am late too so I do think I will still post today so you don't feel so alone!

  2. Ah, Bead Table Thursday... I've done that before too. I got yesterday's post in one minute before Thursday!

    Wow! You two are really cranking out the jewelry! I love seeing it all spread out like that. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Still having trouble posting comments under my own name - so will go with anonymous.
    Your set up is so neat and tidy - wish I was half as organized as you are!
    Jane Perala

  4. Jane that orgainzation is all mom!!! You should see my torch area, what a mess :) Thanks for still trying to leave us a comment and I hope blogger is fixed soon.

  5. At least you made it! I didn't post for the past 2 weds! I need to do better, wish i had gotten that organized gene that your Mom must possess! All those trays all setup and ready to go, incredible!

  6. You are busy bees!! I wish I had someone to work with like that. You must really keep each other motivated and mom seems to be a really good organizer. Can I move in? I need help with the organization stuff really bad!! LOL
    PS I wore my Kokapelli Necklace the other day and had so many comments!! I thought of you two fondly with every one and mentioned how your piece inspired the whole thing.

  7. Who you've really been busy. I'm impressed!


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