Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Heart Macro Sunday and Vacation

It is another I Heart Macro Sunday.  If you would like to see everyone who is participating please head on over to Waterstone Studio and check them all out.

Today we are re-visiting some old macro shots of flowers in my garden.  Sorry for the re-post of images but mom and I are packing up the car and heading out to pick up my niece and nephew in St. Louis.  They live down in Oklahoma and this is the half way point for us to meet to transfer the kids from my brother to mom and me.

These two kiddos are my niece and nephew.  As you can tell my niece is a camera ham and the nephew could care less.  That is mom's Mustang they are sitting on.  They love the Mustang but unfortunately I am driving my car so we can get our bags and all the kids bags in the back since we are heading to an amusement par/swim park for two days of fun.  There is suppose to be internet access so I hope I can post pictures and blog about the experience.

Okay, here are my pictures for I Heart Macro:

Clematis from my front flower beds.  Mom is jealous because I do nothing to the flowers, I just let the rain and mother nature take care of them.

This is the George Burns rose bush by my front door.  The roses smell so good and I love how they look.  Again, I do nothing to take care of them, just let them grow wild.

Okay, mom and I are off.  Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! That is one beautiful rose and the clematis are stunning!

    Have a great vacation and a safe trip!

  2. Always gorgeous flower pictures. Have a wonderful vacation.

  3. LOL your neice is working the camera, love it!! That George Burns rose is gorgeous, I love multi colored petals!! Kristi

  4. I see you have a "touch of the clematis" this week! hahahaha I love them - so low maintenance and so gorgeous! I have never seen a rose like that either! Beautiful!

    Have fun at the water park - don't get a wedgie!

  5. I'm in love with that rose! Someday I'll have roses, sigh...
    Beautiful shots!

  6. Wait - your roses are free from any type of care? I love that....mine are so high maintenance it drives me crazy. But I love roses. ::sigh:: Anyway, I love your macro shots and have a fun few days with the niece and nephew!

  7. I so much enjoy plants with water droplets on them… lovely!

  8. Wonderful pics! Love the water drops. The rose is gorgeous.

  9. Love the cute kiddos and hope you have lots of fun!! Your water droplets are gorgeous on those flowers too - nice photos.

  10. Oh Beth you take the best pictures ever!!!! I can almost smell those pretty flowers!


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