Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Did the Weekend Go?

What happened to weekend I ask?  It just seemed to just fly by and it doesn't seem like a lot got accomplished.

Yesterday mom and I ran around doing errands and mostly just blowing off the morning, but in the afternoon I worked on making beads and mom worked on sawing out pieces to be enameled.

Here are the beads I worked on:

Beads for a project
My favorite and mom's favorite beads

Playing with new glass and clear frit

White base with clear frit

Playing with new frit and new glass

My oopps beads - still learning how to fume beads

It was a little cold in the garage so mom set up shop in the kitchen.  She laid down paper to catch the copper shavings and little copper pieces she sawed off.  Trying to keep the cats out of the paper is a new kind of fun.
Mom was on a sawing frenzy.  We just have to file and sand everything she cut out; the worse part of the whole creation process I think.

This is all that still needs to be filed and sanded before we can enamel.  Needless to say there wasn't an enameling session today liked I hoped - oh well. 

Yes, that is a skull in the second picture and I totally dislike it but it is for someone and it has to get done -- gives me the willies.  I don't like scary things, that means I don't watch scary movies either.  I still can't watch the Black Hole without nightmares, and that is a Disney movie.  Big old Army vet freaked out on scary movies.  What is more crazy is that myself and several others watched the Blair Witch movie the day before we went to the field for a week - needless to say none of us wanted to be on guard duty at night.

I did get three new things posted on Etsy today.  The items I posted were One-Decade Rosaries.  Mom won't let me tear them apart because she likes them, but we have had them for two years now and they still haven't sold.  I will give them until next year and if they still haven't sold I am going to rip them apart and make the beads into something else or I will just sell the beads.  We shall see.

That is it for us today.  I am going to head home and do some laundry, vacuum and clean up a bit.  I hope you had a more productive weekend than we did.  Take care and stay warm!


  1. I love the 'sugar beads'(clear frit)they remind me of vintage beads

  2. I'm all for blowing a day from time to time. Love the beads and cut-outs. You are both so talented!

  3. Oh my those are some yummy creations and Did I see a cardinal and a chickadee? Oh my! I love your creative process too! Stay warm my friend!


  4. The white sugar beads just scream "make me into a winter charm bracelet!"


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