Thursday, December 2, 2010

Total Space Cadet This Week

Color Challenge
This week I have been a total ditz!  I don't know if it is because we only had a three day work week last week, we had a four day holiday or what but I am totally out there.  I haven't blogged about the upcoming color challenge on Erin's blog, mom and I being picked for the November Monthly Challenge winner on Art Bead Scene, and then I totally lost the address to Kristen to send her some goodies and I am sure there is more I have forgotten.  I even write down notes - ahh well.

I had so much to talk about this week and of course none of it has been done.  All I got accomplished was a quick blog about the Cup of Bead Soup by Lori.  Lori did a phenomenal job with the pendant and the last of the beads.

Since tomorrow I plan on showing what we did for the color challenge I thought I would do Some of My Favorite Things today.

Mini Journal Necklace - Wayfaring Art

Gypsy Earrings Deep Red - Teka & Zoo
Little Family Necklace - Designed By Lu
Secret Places - This Years Girl
The Mice in Nest - Motley Mutton
Where is Thumbkin - Claudias Creation 1
Winter 8x10 - Lucy Snowe Photography
I also have to share with you paintings done by my younger cousin.  I have been after him to create an Etsy site to sell them and I think I have nagged enough that he will finally break down and create one!  He also does pin striping, which is awesome!  I am so proud of him!

He found the painting for $3 and then he added
the alien invasion - I LOVE IT!

A panel he pin striped
That is it - until tomorrow and the big reveal of everyone's color challenge pieces.  I can't wait to see what everyone has done with the paint chips that Erin sent us.


  1. Ok my nerves are totally shot now! I am in the challenge too but I am so nervous about the reveal tomorrow! I am so excited to see what you and Evie have created. Well at least I did finish one of the pieces. LOL


  2. Love the mice in the nest and the winter photo. Your cousin's artwork is really cool...looks like talent runs in the family.


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