Saturday, December 18, 2010

They Arrived, They Arrived, They Arrived

Our Goodies from Kristen!
Here are all the goodies we received from Kristen, My Bead Journey.  Aren't they to die for!  In November Kristen asked if mom and I would like to do a bead swap with her, and I jumped at the chance.  I have done one other bead swap with Juls, and I thought it would be so much fun to do one with Kristen.  It is always nerve wracking waiting to find out if someone likes what you swapped with them.  Mom and I were so happy that Kristen liked her goodies, and we were so excited waiting for our goodies from Kristen.  I know Kristen was a nervous wreck waiting for the package to arrive, but she had no reason to be - the beadwork is GORGEOUS!  Kristen sent us some of her beaded beads, snowflakes (that are just too cute), and ornaments for mom and I.  Don't you like the card she sent us?  I have a design idea running through my head right now, and I can't wait to put it together.  Thank you Kristen, you made our day and put a smile on our faces!

Here are closer images of what she sent us.

I also wanted to show other goodies mom and I received this week.  A few months ago, I purchased a half day of skillz from Juls for some beads.  I asked Juls to make more beads for mom like the ones we swapped with her previously.  Mom wanted to buy more beads for a bracelet and earrings, but I beat her to Juls.  The beads were part of her St. Nicholaus Tag gift.  Juls asked what other beads I would like and I told her to just surprise me - oh boy did she ever.  Here is what Juls made for us:

The only specific beads I asked Juls to make
Mom's necklace with the beads to be made into a bracelet and earrings

We also received a box from Juls of yarn.  Juls had a blog post about her hoarding, and I mentioned how mom collects yarn (mom is a yarn whore).  Juls asked if mom would be interested in the yarn, and I jumped on it.  The box also arrived yesterday.  Mom is in heaven and drooling all over the place.  Good thing Juls had everything in plastic bags!

We also received another package earlier this week from Genea Beads.  Her beads are the goodies we won for the Art Bead Scene Novemeber monthly challenge.

Now, mom and I are off to our friends' vineyard to sit, talk, knit and drink wine slushies.  Mom and I aren't doing any enameling this weekend.  We have to first saw out a bunch of stuff, but we have plans to work our tails off when we are on vacation from the job that pays the bills. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Beth you have once again made my DAY! You pictures and excitement are jumping out and I could so hug the both of you right now! WHEW now I can't wait for our next venture but I can wait until its warmer. LOL
    Hugs and Love to you both!

  2. PS I am so jealous of your Julsness!!!!!!

  3. was like Christmas in your mailbox...everything is so pretty.

  4. I just love those snowflakes- they are fabulous!! and I am completely partial to anything created by Juls- I am not a big fan of yellow but those lampwork beads are awesome and your necklace to die for- WOW!!!

  5. Ok I was all into the bead stash and then you stuck in *My mom is a yarn whore* and I spit my coffee everywhere - LOL!


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