Monday, August 31, 2015

Other Things We Have Been Up To Lately

I actually drew out an idea
I thought I would share some things mom and I have been up to the last few weeks. The above picture is something I actually sketched up one night. I had an idea as I was trying to go to sleep - so got up - looked for the sketch book and drew out my idea. The bead is from Jane Perala (love, love, love her beads). I have had the bead for several years and I am just now coming up with the idea.

I wanted to make a frame for the bead - so I etched a piece of copper. The frame I sketched is a little small - so going to scan my sketch and make it slightly bigger. Then glue the sketch on the copper and saw it out. I am going to ask mom to wire wrap the bead to the copper. I now need to make accent beads to go with the piece. I can't wait to see how it comes out.

This is what mom has been up to - sawing out a koi plate.

This is a picture mom took while she was sawing out the koi - gives you an idea of the size of the saw blade.

Yesterday mom was working on filing and sanding the koi and ended up stabbing herself with one of the files. I think that is something each of us does on piece - either saw a finger or stab with a file. The piece is now ready to be enameled.

Last weekend was an enameling session - I need to get the pendant enameled for the ABS Challenge piece.
I also enameled some double-sided pendants, lizards for earrings and circles for earrings.

Circles for earrings and one for a bracelet

Will be made into earrings
Here are the double-sided pendants:

I wanted to create a nature image - I am also keeping this one
for myself :)

Red and Black Double Sided Pendant

Black and White double sided pendant

Yellow and Purple Curly Qs

Butterfly and Flower Double Sided pendant
You can find the pendants on Etsy.

This is mom working on putting the pendants on leather cord.

Two weeks ago I signed mom and I up to participate in Tammy's Superstition Blog Hop. We were also one of 13 who won her polymer clay cat bead. Isn't it too cute!!! I have an idea what I want to do with this bead plus another idea for another piece for the blog hop. I am so excited to participate!!!

And I have been working on adding listings to our Etsy shop. Oh so much fun - re-sizing images, measuring pieces and then uploading it all to Etsy. Fun times I am telling you.

So - that is a little bit of what mom and I have been up. Oh - and I did get the August ABS Challenge piece posted and you can see it here.

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  1. So many awesome components you've made. I'm especially partial to those lizards. ;) And I'm so happy you signed up for the Superstition Hop. I look forward to seeing what you make.


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