Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Working Studio Weekend

Mom and I had to walk around the yard on Saturday morning, it had rained the night before and we wanted to see if any more of the rose buds had opened up. This is a pic of one of the opened roses - they smell oh soooo good.

Mom's sawing station
This weekend mom worked on sawing out the August ABS pendant and started sawing out a koi plate.

This is the sawed out, filed and sanded pendant for the August ABS challenge. Now I just enamel the piece - which will happen next weekend. We didn't have enough pieces filed and sanded for me to have an assembly line as I enamel.

This is mom sawing out the next piece - a koi plate. Mom likes the difficult pieces - she likes to see how far she can take the saw blade and how far she can take a design.

This is mom's view of the koi plate - like the image of the saw blade with the design.

This was my setup for making beads for the August challenge piece.

This is my view with the torch going - I have my mandrels to the right, glass in front of me and frit to the left.

This is a picture of the bead before I put it in the kiln - can't tell it is red glass - it looks black.

This is Saturday's bead haul. I have another kiln full of the same colored beads. You will see why in the next photo.

This is the challenge piece laid out - you can sort of see the sketch of what I did to the right of mom's hand. Once we laid out the beads, with accent beads, we found out I didn't make enough red beads, so I ended up making another whole batch of red beads - I even made a few small ones that mom can use to make earrings.

So - that was our weekend in the studio. I am hoping to get out into the studio in the evenings to file and sand some pendants and earrings so I can do an enameling session this weekend.

More pictures will follow.

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